Netflix welcomes a “Fuller House” to television original series

February 25th, 2016


Netflix will air the pilot episode for the new spin-off series, “Fuller House” on Feb. 26, based on the original show “Full House” that aired from Sept. 22, 1987 to May 23, 1995.


“Full House” is a nostalgic, family-friendly  series that aired on network television for eight seasons. Re-runs of all 192 episodes still air on basic cable today.


“Full House” told the story of single father Danny Tanner as he raises his three daughters, D.J., Stephanie and Michelle, with the help of his brother-in-law, the Elvis-loving Uncle Jesse and his college pal/comedian Joey Gladstone.


“Fuller House” picks up decades later and focuses on D.J. Tanner-Fuller, played by Candace Cameron Bure, a widowed mother of three sons. She seeks the help of her sister Stephanie, played by Jodie Sweetin, and childhood best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, played by Andrea Barber, when moving back into her childhood home in San Francisco.


Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, Lori Loughlin, Candace Cameron-Bure

The original series’ beloved characters, including Jesse Katsopolis, played by John Stamos; Joey Gladstone, played by Dave Coulier; Becky, played by Lori Loughlin; and Danny Tanner, played by Bob Saget will be part of the new series, but will not be the foundation of the show.  These characters will make occasional appearances throughout the series.


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who both portrayed the adorable Michelle Tanner in the original series, will not return for the Netflix series. It has been reported that the twins are now only focusing on their careers as fashion designers. Their absence from the new show will not be ignored. The Tanner family explains within the new series how Michelle is committed to her fashion career in New York, hence her absence.


The “Fuller House” cast did not want the show to be reinvented, but rather update it while featuring the same main characters for a new generation while keeping the original series’ integrity. The audience can expect some of the same sayings like, “How rude!” and “Cut. It. Out.” and other iconic habits and catch phrases from the original series.


In an interview with the Daily News, Cameron  Bure explained her feelings toward rebooting the new series. “Younger kids aren’t really used to this style of programming and this show is designed to bring a family together, which was what ‘Full House’ did almost 30 years ago. We’re hoping to bring that flavor back because a lot of us from that generation remember watching TV together as a family and I think that’s what we’re missing today. It’s the same formula that the original show has and it still works because ‘Full House’ has never gone away.”


Many fans of the original “Full House” series shared their reactions to the revamped storyline and new television series that will only be offered on Netflix.


Freshman Paige Perla commented, “I really loved the original series and grew up with it. I can’t wait to see how the old characters have changed and how the new ones work with the old.”


“I am intrigued to see how the sayings and mannerisms from the original series will fit into the new series,” said freshman Colin Sweeney. “I would use a lot of the sayings from the show when I was little. I’m particularly excited to see how Uncle Joey interacts with the girls even though they are older now.”


Senior Priscilla Flores adds, “I hope that ‘Fuller House’ keeps the same values and ideas that ‘Full House’ did but that they become their separate identity with a modern twist.”


“Fuller House” will bring back nostalgic memories to the “Full House” fan base and hopes to gain new followers who are being introduced to the storyline for the first time.


Editor’s Note: Information from, Variety and USA Today was used in this report.