Snapshots on the wall

February 24th, 2016



Lately, I have been thinking about my life. What I want to do when I graduate college, where I would like to end up and who I would like to have with me through it all. Time after time, I feel as if I have been bombarded with questions of intrigue, only to realize I’m not quite sure what the answers are.


However, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. We may be unsure of what is in store for us, but if there is one thing that is absolutely concrete in life, it’s that change is inevitable.


This past weekend, I took my new Polaroid Instax out with me to a few get-togethers, figuring it would be fun to capture some memories in such an “instant” way. As I gathered close to a group of my friends counting down “3…2…1” the flash went off, and that moment was forever captured in time. Shaking the polaroid in the air, I thought how wonderful it would be to hang up with the collection of others on my wall. Being the overly sentimental person I am, glancing over to these warm memories frozen in time always gives me a feeling of home.


Our lives are reflective of these polaroids. Each memory we make, minuscule or life changing, is a snapshot in time blazed into our minds the moment the flash goes off. Of course, I have these glorious little snapshots in my head about what I would like my life to look like. The visions I create during the occasional daydreams in class tend to  cloud my head with the picture perfect life I imagine for myself. However, I have to bring myself back down to reality and realize that not everything will turn out exactly how I have imagined it would. There will be roadblocks set in my way, leaving me to question what I was really even trying to accomplish in the first place. However, there will also be detours around those roadblocks, opening new paths I did not know even existed.


When I start to become anxious about what I will make of myself one day, I have to sit back and remind myself, I am here for a reason. I may not have it all figured out now, and quite honestly I might not have it completely figured out in two years. But I now realize that each moment in my life has led up to this very second, as I sit here writing this to you.


These snapshots hold such special meaning to me. They bring back memories of the beautiful twinkle in a friend’s eye, the gentle tinny sound of a laugh; as the saying goes, a picture truly is with a thousand words.  Although I am not quite sure what I would like to do with my life come graduation from John Carroll, when I look back I want to be happy with the snapshots I see hanging on the wall.