Long live the weekend

February 24th, 2016


There’s something special about 68 degrees.


Looking back, I’m sure we can all remember a time or two when we argued about the “perfect temperature.” Throughout my grade school years, I proposed arguments against the chilly winter and boiling summer months. The perfect temperature in my book was always 68 degrees, because at 68 degrees the shorts come out and the sun doesn’t just feel warm. The sun feels new.


Over the weekend I slept without boundaries. Saturday morning – no alarm, no wakeup calls, nothing. Around 10:00 a.m. I found myself stretching, arms reaching toward the light steeping through the windows and the grayish curtain gap. I pulled out my phone and opened the weather app. “High of the day” – 68 degrees.


As much as I love having all four seasons, warm weather truly brings something new to the table. An energy rises from within and guilt consumes our bedridden bodies.


I woke up with the intent of having an “anything can happen Saturday,” which, I assumed, meant Netflix and naps until I had to babysit later in the evening. To my surprise, though, I could not even force myself to stay in bed on such a beautiful day.


Unconvinced by the weather app, I made my way over to the front door and stepped out onto the Warrensville porch.




This week, the week leading up to spring break, has the reputation of being totally overwhelming. For many, midterm exams are lined up and study breaks are seldom. Suddenly, those classes you had zero work in and looking at the syllabus wasn’t exactly necessary, turn into an overwhelming agenda of papers and tests. This may also have something to do with individual procrastination, but aside from that point, nobody wants that kind of build up all at once.


This week is unavoidable, though.


Students and staff alike have to get through the days leading up to spring break with chins up, remembering vacation is just around the corner. Having a day like Saturday thrown into the mix is both moderately and extremely beneficial.


My Saturday consisted of a long run outside, ending at the Don Shula Stadium. Boys were tossing around a football, two girls were running on the field and I set up post at the far end, nearest to the flagpole, with a medicine ball and a band for stretching. It was the perfect scenario for “me time.”


I did not take my phone with me to workout–something very rare–and it was entirely soothing. In our day and age with RTA buses, trains and countless amounts of motor vehicles on the road, there are very few times to sit back and listen to the earthly part of the world.


While sitting and stretching I heard the boys catch and drop the football. The smack of a hand and ball hitting the turf made the tosser yell out with disappointment. “How did you not catch that?” He said.


I turned and watched for a minute, pretending to look at my watch and rotate into my next position when they saw me looking. It was hard not to do. I was so floored by the beautiful day and how at peace I was. I simply wanted to see how the world was reacting around me.


Down the way the girls ran perpendicular to the goal posts.  They laughed and panted as one of them beat the other. I was happy to be completely alone in this moment, but it did make me excited to go home and sit on the front lawn of my neighbors’ yard and wave at honking cars with my friends.


Saturday was a day to play catch-up. It was meant to take a step back and breath in the world we often forget is right in front of us. For the first time in months, I felt the wind on my face and I appreciated it. Saturday, for me, was an escape from the stresses of school and work. It was simply a special day of appreciation for the sunshine, and I stand by my argument–there’s something special about 68 degrees.