Calling for both sides

February 24th, 2016



On Thursday, Feb. 16, John Carroll University brought in Bonnie Mann, a professor from the University of Oregon, to give a guest lecture on the philosophical phenomenon she calls, “Sovereign Masculinity.” She describes this as “the need to prove one’s masculinity, or manliness.” The presentation, “Sovereign Masculinity: The War on Terror, Mass Shootings and the Trump Campaign,” brought in over 150 students, staff and administrators.


The Carroll News recognizes the success of the event and the interesting take on political and social affairs that the speaker brought to campus. There is no doubting the value of such a presentation, and it surely left the audience with an enriched stance on socialized masculinity. Regardless of its success, the presentation was remarkably partisan.


Mann was clearly left-leaning. When she wanted to make a point about a negative societal phenomenon, she never once alluded to the actions of a Democratic politician and instead relied on the faults of only the Republican party. Mann was quite clear she does not give much merit to Donald Trump as a legitimate political actor. Mann emphasized her belief that sovereign masculinity causes current events, including The War on Terror and the Trump campaign.


The Carroll News does not see any problem with the presentation that took place last week. However, it seems only fair that the University can accordingly present the student body with a speaker that takes a more conservative stance on the modern political arena  in order to encourage balance.


John Carroll, a university openly urging students to be open-minded in classrooms, should condone understanding both sides of government conversation in order to develop a well-understood view of current political events. In the interest of fairness, it would be only appropriate the school to offer a moderate or right-leaning speaker that could provide a counterstand.