Update: JCU police department reports one arrest for recent thefts

February 18th, 2016



JCUPD arrested a man on campus who may be potentially responsible for the thefts that occurred in December of last semester.


Last semester, four televisions were stolen from the Boler School of Business, as well as a laptop and two outlets. Additionally, a laptop, wallet and purse were stolen from the Grasselli Library.


A laptop was also stolen from the O’Malley Center. Assistant director to JCUPD Brian Hurd noted that the thief stole these items from common areas and offices as well as classrooms and the Administration Building. Some of the offices were left unlocked, opened with a key, or potentially pick-locked, according to Hurd. The total number of thefts that happened in December amounts to 15, and eight since winter break.


According to Hurd, one man has been arrested twice since the fall semester thefts occurred. JCUPD arrested him once in the fall and a second time in January. Both instances were because of theft and he was told not to come back to campus.


Hurd said that the suspect may be “responsible for more but cannot prove it.” Hurd also said, “There is nothing to tie him to that in particular.” JCUPD has access to the background and criminal records of the suspect.


Hurd said JCUPD is currently working with University Heights on prosecution.


There are some other leads, according to Hurd but they have not been substantial. The thief likely took advantage of what Hurd calls a “crime of opportunity,” or a quick crime caused by not being watched, and committed with little planning.


JCUPD is working with the University Heights police department to investigate any leads they may have. The investigation process includes tracking any credit cards that were stolen from wallets and seeing when they were used at multiple stores. They then can match up when the card was used with the identity of the suspect. “We are making slow progress, “ said Hurd.