John Carroll ranked number four in Ohio for earning potential

February 18th, 2016


John Carroll University ranked fourth out of 20 Ohio schools in terms of earning potential, according to a study done by


The results, derived from the U.S. Department of Education annual collegiate scorecard and a Georgetown University study,  focuses on student earnings 10 years after beginning their studies. It does not factor in major or whether the students graduate or not, according to


The study calculated the earning of students who attended 1,400 four-year universities nationwide. The federal data is based on the income of former students who received financial aid while attending college.


The median annual earning of JCU students after 10 years was $51,000, according to the study.


“I’m excited that we were ranked so high,” said junior Anne Marie Kirchner. “I think it’s something we deserve and I hope we live up to it.”


Sophomore Janessa Brickman agrees, saying that she believes this gives John Carroll students “even more motivation to reach our potentials, whether it is through academics or extracurriculars. Knowing that after I graduate, I will have the skills necessary to become successful in my chosen field reinforces my decision to come to Carroll. The success of alumni before me reminds me of the valuable education I am receiving here on a daily basis and how the financial sacrifice I have to make now will pay off in the long run.”


In a twist of school spirit, sophomore Mario Volpe said, “I think it’s great because we beat Mount Union.”