Boler Business : How to improve your productivity in seconds

February 11th, 2016


Everyone occasionally experiences a slump during the day, perhaps because they had to wake up early and walk on the slushy sidewalks, had three classes back-to-back or will be out of their room for ten hours.


Whether in the classroom, in the office,  or any working environment, anyone can advance their productivity in simple ways. posture matters more than you might think it does.


In fact, there’s evidence that proves that whether you sit up straight or slouch affects the quality of your work.


These differences to increase productivity could have major implications for students and office workers looking to boost their productivity.


One key change that occurs when someone sits up straight or stands is that their heart rate can go up about ten beats per minute, providing a possible increase in reaction time and increasing attention span.


Adjust your posture or stand up straight when you have a task that requires extra attention and focus for an extended period of time.


Just don’t expect it to be a cure-all: any posture-related changes to a performance are likely to be most noticeable when an individual is exhausted or coming out of a post-lunch slump.


The more comfortable someone is, the easier it is to crash, lose focus and possibly even doze off.


Sometimes being uncomfortable can help retain focus and increase productivity. Balancing this trade-off between being comfortable and uncomfortable can be resolved by sorting and scheduling your tasks by difficulty.


If you feel like you can stomach the discomfort of standing or sitting up straight for only short bursts, use this time take on your most ted tedious tasks and projects.


If there is a task or assignment that could be done during sleep, that is a good time to get comfy.


Another way to increase productivity is by taking breaks to get up for a few minutes to use the restroom or grab a glass of water.


These short breaks can help boost the brain and zap someone out of that mid-afternoon slump.


It may not be surprising to learn that when someone feeling depressed or defeated, their bodies tend to slump.


Simply slouching seems to bring out these negative thoughts and generally make someone feel worse, effecting productivity and enjoyment of classes or work environments.


Brains need hopeful and positive vibes in order to be motivated to accomplish various tasks during an extensive school day or work day.


One way to get out of the mid-day slump and lose those negative thoughts is to sit up with proper posture. In addition, having proper posture can make it easier to recall positive and optimistic memories.


In that brief moment of time, the brain has increased its energy levels and the overall mood of the individual has increased.