Exploring Pedagogy

February 10th, 2016

Last semester, John Carroll University’s Student Union passed a bill that changed the policy regarding course evaluations. The bill designed a more structured evaluation system in which a professor’s colleagues–within each department–must examine the students’ feedback.  The Student Union believed this bill would hold professors more accountable and be a catalyst for improvement in the classroom. The bill has since been passed and is expected to take full effect in Fall 2016.

The Carroll News commends the Student Union for taking this initiative. While it is already common for some departments to have professors monitor each other’s evaluations, the University ought to have a uniform policy that applies to all disciplines.

Seeing that teachers critique one another and share their expertise will ensure the most successful teaching strategies get passed around. It is also important for students to take the class evaluations seriously. It has come to the attention of the Carroll News that there are always going to be helpful evaluations and others that lack quality feedback. By putting effort into each evaluation, students will contribute to the plausable academic standing.

The professors at this University are placed on an educational pedestal, and they take their jobs very seriously. Therefore, it is highly unlikely they will not take into consideration the advice their colleagues offer. With the policy change, classroom learning will largely reflect the University as a whole, and therefore it will become much more effective in improving the quality of each course.

John Carroll sells itself on the quality of education and the small classroom settings. Students come here for a personal learning experience with high quality professors. By mandating that teachers critique one another’s pedagogy, John Carroll will continue moving forward in providing quality education.