Hillary Clinton emails ruled top secret by FBI

February 4th, 2016



More information regarding the Hillary Clinton email scandal was released Friday Jan. 22. According to CBS News, the Obama administration came forward, stating that the home server Clinton had been using for emails, during her time as Secretary of State, was not only unsecured, but contained 22 emails including information that is now labeled “top secret.”


The FBI is now looking into the matter, considering it is against the law for government officials to email classified information on unsecured servers. Unlike past emails, these emails will not be released to the public, considering they should have been handled with the highest level of classification.


Clinton proclaimed she did not send or receive any top-secret emails on her private account, since none of the emails were marked “classified,” at the time.


The information was released a few days before the Iowa caucus, where Clinton will be competing against Bernie Sanders, who is currently running level with her in the polls. Of course, this poses as a challenge for Clinton, and The New York Times released an article discussing the Republican candidates’ disapproval for her carelessness.


Sander’s agreed to not use the new information against Clinton, but Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and other Republican contenders for the presidential nomination made it known this will not be forgotten.


ABC News quoted Clinton, who understands that she made a mistake, but feels the emails should be released to the public. She hopes to resolve the matter and move on by showing the public she is human, but has nothing to hide. The true repercussions of the matter will be known after the FBI investigation is complete.


Editor’s Note: Information from CBS News, The New York Times, and ABC News was used in this report.