Thief at large

February 3rd, 2016



Several thefts have been reported to John Carroll University’s Police Department. The thefts have been occurring since December 2015 and have extended into the new year. According to an email sent from the John Carroll Police Department, two televisions were stolen from Boler School of Business, two laptops were stolen from a vehicle, a purse and a laptop were stolen from Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theater Arts, a wallet was stolen from Campion Hall, and a television was stolen from the Murphy Room in the Student Center. The dates of the most recent thefts took place between Jan. 26 to Jan. 28.


Little information on possible suspects is known at this time, Deputy Director of JCUPD Brian Hurd stated, “We have not had much progress in the investigation at this point. We hope the theft advisories sent out last semester and last week will help raise awareness for everyone to be mindful of their belongings, and to call in suspicious situations.”


JCUPD is continuing to work with the University Heights Police who informed John Carroll that similar theft patterns have been occurring at other institutions in the Shaker Heights and University Heights area.



In an attempt to make the campus safer, JCUPD is working with the John Carroll Informational Technology Department to install security equipment on campus. Hurd continued saying, “Additionally, the University is investing in video cameras for all the residence halls and elsewhere on campus. We hope the video cameras will be both a deterrent and an aid in identifying suspects.”


In light of the recent thefts, resident assistants have been on high alert in an attempt to keep residents, and their belongings, safe and sound. Junior resident assistant Evin Tolentino stressed that although the Jesuit values instilled at JCU may deter many students from acting immorally, John Carroll is in no way immune to crime.


“I believe that the news about thefts happening around campus is a big wake up call for the John Carroll community, particularly the students.  I think they need to realize this is a common occurrence outside the University. Yes, the John Carroll community is mostly made up of good-natured people, but that doesn’t justify why students leave their belongings unattended, Tolentino said.


He continued, “It is so easy for someone to come up and steal it without anyone questioning their motive. As someone who serves students in the resident halls, my advice for people over the current thefts on campus is to take in this reality and to really air more caution when it comes to leaving your items unattended in an open space. Simply, don’t leave your items wide open for someone to take or ask someone nearby if they can look after your belongings. At least if something were to happen, you have someone in mind that could either vouch for you or suspect if your items were stolen.”


Fellow resident assistant Shannon Poppe also passed along her advice to students.


“Lock your doors. Take your stuff with you when you leave. Make sure you keep the important stuff with you when you are going anywhere! Being overly cautious is the best way to prevent theft,” Poppe said.


To assist with stopping the crimes on campus, JCUPD encourages students, staff,and faculty to lock their doors and keep your valuables in a safe place. They also advise that all suspicious behavior be reported to the JCUPD at (216)-397-1234.