Presidential candidates take aim at Iowa Caucus

January 28th, 2016



Both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are focusing their efforts on challenging their opponents as the Iowa caucus approaches, which is considered the official start of the presidential nomination race, according to the Chicago Sun Times. On Feb. 1, registered party voters across the state will cast their ballots for their preferred candidate.


Recent polling of Iowa caucus Republican voters shows that Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz by 5 percent, according to a CBS News poll. The poll, published on Jan. 24, shows Trump in the lead for the GOP, holding onto about 39 percent of the votes, with Cruz in second with 34 percent. Marco Rubio comes in third with 13 percent, with the rest of the field falling in the single digits.


CBS News conducted a poll of Iowa Democrats, published on Jan. 24, showing Bernie Sanders with a slight lead of 47 percent over Hillary Clinton’s 46 percent. Former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, is polling at 5 percent.

Hillary Clinton

Perhaps to combat his increasing momentum, Hillary Clinton has been criticizing Sanders more frequently, and calling attention to the issues on which they disagree, according to the Associated Press.


At an appearance in Indianola, Iowa, the former Secretary of State said, “Senator Sanders does not talk very much about foreign policy. But when he does it raises concerns because sometimes it can sound like he has not really thought it through,” Associated Press reported.


According to the Washington Post, Trump spoke of Cruz by saying “He is having a hard time. He looks like a nervous wreck. He is going down.”


Cruz has not been silent about the top contender, saying, “He is getting more and more rattled. And each day engaging in more and more personal attacks,” CNN reported.


Looking ahead to the New Hampshire primary, CBS conducted polls among likely voters in each party. Trump still leads with 34 percent, followed by Cruz at 16 percent and Rubio at 14 percent. CBS News figures also show Sanders with an even greater lead on Clinton than in Iowa, with the candidates polling at 57 percent and 38 percent respectively. The New Hampshire, “first-in-the-nation” primary will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 9.


Editor’s Note: Information from the Chicago Sun Times, CBS News, The Associated Press, CNN and The Washington Post was used  in this report.