Do not be afraid

December 10th, 2015




There are a lot of things Obama has supported in his two terms as President that I disagree with. But in his speech on Dec. 6 to the nation on terrorism, there was one part that he and I can agree on.


The one thing President Obama is absolutely correct on is not giving into the fear the Islamic State group is trying to instill in not just America, but the whole world.  The Islamic State group’s goal is for the world to cower in fear and not leave their houses and not travel out of fear that they are going to die in a terrorist attack.


Of course, all of these attacks are scary. But giving into the fear plays right into the hands of the Islamic State group. The attacks in Paris, Beirut and now in San Bernardino (which, by the way, the Islamic State group did not direct) are scary occurrences that have completely stopped people in their tracks. But how we react to these tragedies is important.


If we really want the Islamic State group to think they are losing this war, we will not be afraid. Instead of staying home and hunkering down scared for our lives, people should be uniting and standing in solidarity with each other. We must let the Islamic State group know that they cannot and will not win this war.


Another thing that the world needs to realize is that not all Muslims are bad people. The Islamic State group loves to see the Muslim hate being spewed in America by those who do not know who the real enemy is. Just because someone is Muslim, does not in any way shape or form mean they are a part of the Islamic State group. In fact, any time anyone says  all Muslims are the problem are just causing the Islamic State group to jump up and down and high five each other.


This type of rhetoric is only helping the Islamic State group’s cause. They want this war to be between the world and all of Islam. They want people to think that just because someone is Muslim they should be associated with the terrorist group and they should be hated.


The people saying that Islam is the problem do not fully understand the problem. Calling for the discrimination and turning away all Muslims that want to enter our country is only going to help the Islamic State group. If America were to deny all Muslims a safe haven in this country, where are the Muslims that are trying to come to America, where they can live and worship freely, going to go? The answer is nowhere. They will have to stay in a war-torn area. Then, because they are angry at the United States for turning them away based on solely their religion, they might join the Islamic State group.


Good Muslims are not part of the problem, they are part of the solution. If we want to see a big ideological shift away from radical extremism, the only people who are going to cause that big shift are the people over in the Middle East who are trying to live life without a war going on in their backyard.