DisneyLife streaming service competes with Netflix in the UK

December 9th, 2015


Fans of The Walt Disney Company’s works, ranging from movies to television shows, music and books, will be excited to learn about the company’s newly offered streaming service, DisneyLife.

According to, the system is “a unique digital membership giving you access to our biggest collection of Disney movies, kids’ TV box sets, books, music and apps, in one place for the first time.” This unprecedented access will set customers back about $15 a month.

However, DisneyLife is only available currently in the United Kingdom.

DisneyLife is available as a streaming website akin to Netflix or Amazon Prime. The system also offers an accompanying app that is available on iOS and Android devices.

The new streaming service will be available in five different languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Users can interact with DisneyLife’s site, including a feature in which they can create their own profiles with Disney characters such as Elsa from “Frozen” or Mickey Mouse himself as profile avatars. The site will come complete with controls and settings that can be customized so that parents can limit the amount of time that their children spend using DisneyLife.

“I would love to have all my favorite Disney movies in one place. DisneyLife would make it easier so I don’t have to lug around DVD boxes or track down specific Disney movies which are only released every few years,” said sophomore Gina Barni. “I bet that the kids that I babysit for would love it, too. It would be a nice service to offer because people of all ages would probably take advantage of it. I definitely hope that this is something that they do decide to offer here in the United States.”

However, North American Disney devotees may not have access DisneyLife anytime soon.

According to The L.A. Times, “The Burbank entertainment behemoth has no plans to offer a stand-alone subscription service in the U.S., where the company has constructed a web of lucrative contracts with pay-TV operators. Those carriage contracts for Disney television channels bring in more than $10 billion a year in revenue.”

However, analysts say, such a move could eventually happen. “The European over-the-top offering does provide the company with the platform, the know-how and the data insights necessary to do so,” Nomura Securities media analyst Anthony DiClemente wrote in a report late Wednesday.

“People are so dedicated to the Disney corporation, so I would think that this would be a very successful idea for their company,” said junior Claire Fraser, who claims that the United States should implement the DisneyLife system. “DisneyLife could be a great way for the Disney company to tailor their markets to a really specific audience. I think it would work especially well for families and it would be a lot easier for parents to have all of their kids’ favorites in one place. However, having DisneyLife could mean removing Disney movies from other sites such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, which could create a lot more competition for streaming services,” said Fraser.

When asked about the DisneyLife system, junior Megan McBride said, “I think the service sounds way too expensive. Fifteen dollars a month is a lot of money, especially when services like Netflix are available for half the price. Netflix may not have a large selection of Disney programming to choose from, but it’s a good value. It seems like anything that DisneyLife offers you could find elsewhere for less money. You can rent movies and books from the library, you can listen to the music from movies on YouTube. Maybe I would feel differently about DisneyLife if I had kids of my own, but it just doesn’t seem worth it to me.”

Ultimately, plans to provide the DisneyLife streaming service to other countries is still a hypothetical idea.

Editor’s Note: Information from and The L.A. Times was used in this report.