Peace and force

November 18th, 2015


The terrorist attacks in Paris this weekend changes things. The attacks change the way the world looks at the Islamic State  group and the constant threat of terrorism. The attacks change the 2016 presidential race in the United States. The attacks will forever change France in all things, just as 9/11 changed America. These atrocities have everyone on edge, just as the world was on 9/11. To quell these worries, action needs to be taken to quell the power of the Islamic State group. But the biggest thing these attacks and the Islamic State group change is the way wars are fought and the way peace can be established in the Middle East.


These actions are not simple ones because of this new type of warfare the Islamic State is forcing countries to fight under. The Islamic State group is not like any other military opponent the world has seen. They are not their own country. This situation is not like World War II where you have the Axis powers attacking the Allied powers. We do not have one country fighting another country with reasonable leaders who know when to surrender if their troops are dying out on the battlefield and there is no way for their country to win. There are no leaders who can sit down in a room and at least try to talk out the issues. The enemy now is a group of extremists who are relentless in their pursuit of establishing a Muslim caliphate.


As much as we all want and think that going into Syria and Iraq will solve all of our problems, it will not solve anything in the long run. I’m not saying launching an attack is useless, we can and should increase our attacks on the Islamic State in the regions they occupy. The least we could do is make it extremely hard for the Islamic State group to operate and carry out anymore terrorist attacks in the short run. But that’s just the problem; we will only be able to make it hard. No one in the world will be able to solve the problems of the Middle East except for the people of the Middle East.


The United States and other countries should be in the Middle East. Without the great force we and other countries could bring to the terrorist group, the situation would be worse than it is now. The world needs to come together to destroy and take back as much territory as we can in the Middle East. That would absolutely mean less of a chance of a terrorist attack happening in a well-developed nation like the United States or France.


The atrocities that are happening to individuals that are in no way associated with the Islamic State group in the Middle East should not be forgotten. All these people want is to just live in peace and not worry about a bomb going off outside their house in the middle of the night. These are also the people who will be the change we need in the Middle East. Peace in the Middle East can only come from the people of the Middle East. No American president or any other world leader will be able to go in and fix everything. The people who are suffering the most will be the ones to make the most difference.