Lions gonna Lions

November 18th, 2015



On Sunday, Nov. 15, the Detroit Lions defeated the Green Bay Packers for the first time in Wisconsin since 1991.


As a lifelong Lions fan, I should be ecstatic. They did something that hasn’t happened in my lifetime.


Every year, when I look at the Lions’ schedule and try to figure out what their record could be, the game at Green Bay is always a loss. I never even think twice about it.


Yet, this year, of all years, they defeat the Packers in Green Bay.


And of course, I was happy. I thought there was no way they would win in Green Bay, especially with the team we’ve been throwing out on the field this year, but they did. Somehow, they did.


While I am happy they got the win, I don’t feel the overjoyed, ecstatic feeling I expected to feel when they finally won in Green Bay, and that’s because the Lions did everything in their power to give myself, and the entire city of Detroit, multiple heart attacks before winning by the skin of their teeth.


First, the Lions score with 1:57 left on the clock to go up eight points.


I jumped off the couch, as I assumed that the game was over. All the Lions had to do was send their kicker, Matt Prater, out to kick the extra point. Once he nailed the extra point, Detroit would extend their lead to nine points and the game would be out of reach.


But alas, Prater is on the Lions, and we are playing in Green Bay, so he missed the extra point, his second missed extra point of the day.


It was crushing, but all hope was not lost. The Packers still had to drive down, score a touchdown and get the two-point conversion.


Naturally,  Aaron Rodgers leads a drive down and finds his tight end, Richard Rodgers, for a touchdown with 32 seconds left.


When they scored, it seemed inevitable that Green Bay would convert the two-point conversion and tie it up.


Inexplicably, they didn’t. A cornerback who signed with the Lions on Saturday stepped up and broke up the pass.


Detroit led 18-16 with 32 seconds left. All they had to do now was recover and onside kick. I thought, not even the Lions can mess this up.


I was wrong.


The onside kick flew high up in the air, and of course, Detroit’s best player, Calvin Johnson, drops the ball.


Green Bay recovered with 32 seconds to get into field goal range and kick a game-winning field goal.

They got into field goal range with just a few seconds left on the clock.

And he missed it.

The Lions won. Somehow, despite their best efforts to lose, the Lions won.