Trump was too funny

November 12th, 2015




Like a lot of Americans, on Saturday night, I tuned in to NBC to watch Saturday Night Live. I have always been a fan of the show and watch when I want to, but I could not miss this past Saturday’s episode. As a fan of comedy and a self-described political junkie, this was going to the best episode of SNL for me this season. Donald Trump was on and my friends and I could not wait to see what “The Donald” had in store for us that evening.


The first sketch with Trump depicted him sitting in the White House and everything was going according to plan. The economy was booming, the Islamic State group was destroyed, Mexico just stopped by to pay for the wall, but there was one problem. The American people were tired of winning. This sketch was funny, and a win for Trump. He proved he could take a joke, and it made him much more likeable. But then the sketches got weirder.


In a pre-recorded sketch, they had a bunch of people mocking the way Drake dances in “Hotline Bling.” They had an actor showing how your dad would dance, an old character from the show Ed Grimley played by Martin Short, and then there was Trump dancing wildly around the boxy background saying “You used to call me on the cell phone.” This one had my friends and I laughing pretty hard, but I couldn’t help but think while watching it, “This man is running for President of the United States, the highest office in the land. Something is not right here…”


Then the sketches got really weird. In one of the last ones Trump was dressed in a black shirt and black leather coat playing a so-called “laser harp.” In another he was dressed in all gold and tacky sunglasses playing a “music mogul.”


At this point I was really worried about a Trump presidency, not that I wasn’t before, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Let’s not forget that the president is in charge of the world’s most powerful military. Do you think Putin would ever go on a show like this and still have as much bargaining power as he does now? As long as Trump was in a suit and tie in a given sketch, that helps his appeal and shows he has a sense of humor. But as soon as a voter sees a presidential candidate in a weird leather costume is when they will decide not to vote for that person.


Then, on Sunday, we see Trump touting that his episode got better ratings than any SNL episode since 2012. If I were him I wouldn’t be so thrilled about that. He’d better hope Putin didn’t see it. Also, that means people all over the country saw him make a fool of himself on live, national television. People that have not decided on who they are going to vote for in the upcoming primaries (which is most people in America by the way) are not going to choose to vote for Trump after watching that show. Sure, they will laugh as I did, but then they will laugh off the notion that Donald Trump could possibly be the next commander-in-chief.