Andre the giant

November 12th, 2015


How good is Andre Drummond? Nobody really knows, but he’s giving everybody in the NBA reason to believe he may be on his way to becoming the next Dwight Howard.


As a Detroit Pistons’ fan, I’m trying to temper my expectations as much as anyone, but he’s making it pretty difficult.


At the time of print, the Pistons hold a 5-2 record and Drummond is averaging 19 points per game and 19 rebounds per game. He has won two straight Eastern Conference Player of the Week awards and, while there is no way he will win MVP, he has been the most valuable player through the first two weeks of the season.


He’s breaking record after record, and it’s seemingly impossible at this point not to get overhyped because of all the stats that are comparing him to all time greats.


Drummond is the first player to have 135 points and 135 rebounds through the first seven games of the season since Wilt Chamberlain. Before that, he was the first player since Hall of Famer Moses Malone to have 90 points and 90 rebounds through his team’s first five games.


I would like to use the cliché that these are “video game numbers,” but I can’t. It’s not this easy to get rebounds in video games.


The scariest part about all of Drummond’s statistics is that he just turned 22 years old in August. There are a number of rookies, including Frank Kaminsky and Jerian Grant.


Coming out of the University of Connecticut, Drummond was raw as could be. He couldn’t do a post move if you had walked him through it.


Now, Drummond is still pretty raw, but the strides he has made since his rookie campaign are phenomenal. While certainly not polished by any means, Drummond at least has basic post moves now, and that alone is enough to scare most of the league.


The fact that he’s still so raw is what gets so many people, including myself, excited. He’s already the best offensive rebounder in the entire NBA and one of the most threatening pick-and-roll players there is when paired with Reggie Jackson. The only things that are really keeping him from being the absolute best big man in the league are his post game and free-throw shooting.


His defense could use some improvement, but he’s shown enough this season to prove that’s on a positive trajectory. If Drummond gets some legitimate post moves and starts knocking down his hook shot on a regular basis, everybody in the league is going to be in huge trouble.


Imagine DeAndre Jordan with post moves. That’s where Drummond is headed.

He’s on the verge of peak Dwight Howard, and again, he’s only 22.