How to overcome social anxiety

November 5th, 2015


Believing in ourselves is not easy when we face constant uphill battles and outside forces that tell us we are not good enough. In fact, it is quite hard to build yourself up again when constantly looking back at the obstacles you have faced in our lives that have left us flawed and scarred. These are not scars people see though; they are scars we wear on the inside and cover up with a smile.


This is what I am finding out: believing in yourself can only start with you and the choices you make with actions or people you surround yourself with.


I have social anxiety and I am not afraid to admit that. My social anxiety started when I was in kindergarten and was a result of being bullied. Bullying has led to multiple issues of not feeling good about myself for a very significant part of my life.


Until recently that is.


I am a fighter, and when I was diagnosed with having social anxiety, I finally realized why I was so afraid of approaching friends or attempting to start new relationships with people. My social anxiety was to the point that my doctor wanted to put me on medicine for handling it, which I turned down.


However, while many might use this as a crutch to not push themselves, I used it as my fire to overcome my own condition. I wanted to prove to myself that although I have anxiety, I could live a normal life like anyone else.


My first step to overcoming my low self-esteem was to put myself out there on the web, starting with YouTube videos and Twitter.


The second way was to take a look inside and see what my gifts were. I found that my gift was writing, and used my own experiences in life and transformed them into three young adult murder mystery books, similar to Pretty Little Liars, which I plan to publish in the next year.


By utilizing my YouTube Channel, social media accounts and books, I hope to bring awareness to social anxiety, depression and bullying while promoting the message that you can overcome it.


I still struggle with constantly comparing myself to other people and their looks or life accomplishments they post on Facebook. Then it occurs to me that, while I might not be where they are, I am going to get there one day, based on my own talents and hard work.


If people in your life treat you poorly and continuously criticize you, or only come around when they need something, it’s time to evaluate whether or not you need them in your life.


Believe in yourself and all of the things you can do. Don’t worry if people laugh at you. If you enjoy it, then do it. If it makes you happy, never hesitate and jump in.


There is no tougher fight then fighting the voice inside your head that says you cannot do something, or that you are not good enough. I understand, and know you can beat your insecurities when you finally realize your strengths.