2015-2016 JCU Student Union candidate guidelines

November 5th, 2015




There are new guidelines for participating in the 2015-2016 Student Union Election.


The proposed change to the Student Union constitution would change Article II, Section 14, subsection B to state that the President of the Student Union must have at least four semesters of experience as Student Union Senator, or at least two semesters of experience as an Executive Board Member. If they do not have two semesters as an Executive Board Member, they need to serve at least two semesters experience as a Student Union Senator and experience on the executive board in a different student organization for one semester as recognized by the Vice President for Student Organizations.


There is a bill to amend the Student Union Senate along with the Executive Board which will decide organizational issues relating to the student body. The purpose of the bill is to clarify constitutional uncertainty.


Student Union plans to add a new subsection under Article III Section 14 to state who is able to hold a Student Union Executive Board position. The new subsection states a student must be active during the term he or she has been elected to serve, except in the case of an unforeseen circumstance. In the occurrence of an absence from campus during nominations for Executive Board positions, a proxy may accept a nomination for the absent student per the terms in the Election Code. The subsection clarifies that the current officeholder will hold the option to remain in office and appoint a proxy to fulfill his or her on-campus duties in his or her absence.


A new bill amends the Student Union constitution to change the required experience of the Vice President for Judicial Affairs from one to two semesters. This bill states that there needs to be additional experience for this position. This mandates the candidate for the position to have two semesters of experience on the Student Union Hearing Board by the time he or she would take office.


In order to serve as the President of Business Affairs, a candidate must be an active student at John Carroll University for two semesters. Currently, there are no qualifications for this position.


There is an amendment that grants the Student Union Hearing Board the power to interrupt the Student Union constitution. This allows power of the Student Union Judicial Brand to have the power of constitutional interpretation.


No student will be allowed to campaign before he or she attends his or her respective candidate meeting. The reasoning is that this will better define when the campaign period begins.


The Elections committee will provide an elections code review stating what could be made better, what problems occurred, and recommendations on the process could be bettered. These revisions were made after recommendations from former committee chair, Katie First. Amending this process will improve the practicality of the Electoral Code.


Amending Article IV Section 4, subsection B of the Student Union Electoral Code to state that no student is able to campaign before he or she attends his or her respective candidate meeting. This new change will better define when the campaign period begins.


Editor’s Note: A full-length article about current and upcoming Student Union legislation, including a sexual assault bill, will be included in the Nov. 12 issue of The Carroll News.