Ted Strickland runs again; this time, for the Senate

October 15th, 2015


Pledging to fight for working families once again, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has submitted his bid for the United States Senate. Riding the populism of the far left and incorporating rhetoric to appeal to the working class, Strickland is forcefully engaging in the national liberal fervor for rewriting the rules for prosperity.


Frustrated Ohioans calling for economic leverage is one example nationwide of Senate races in which Democratic candidates are left to answer such a difficult task.  Promising to deliver on that plea, Strickland has entered the race with new confidence that he can provide leadership to a forgotten class.


Having a blue-collar background already solidifies Strickland as a genuine Ohioan. His father was a steelworker. Strickland also experienced a house fire as a child, which displaced his family to their chicken shack, encapsulating Strickland’s authentic roots.


The only child of nine to attend college, Strickland earned degrees from Asbury College and Asbury Theological Seminary. He then served his faith and began a Methodist children’s home, according to his campaign website.


Later serving as U.S. Representative, Strickland fought to expand accessible healthcare for children, and worked to harness essential investments for Ohio infrastructure.  According to his campaign website, Strickland adamantly opposed the Iraqi War amid the heated debate of unilateral action following the crisis of 9/11.


Elected to the governorship in 2006, Strickland brought an uplifting appeal for renewed opportunity to a state slowly deteriorated by an impending financial meltdown.


Noted on his website, Strickland is acclaimed for keeping tuition interests to the lowest rate in the country as governor.  In addition, while holding office, Ohio’s primary and secondary schools won the nation’s top prize for education innovation from the Education Commission of the States.


In accordance to his current platform, Strickland emphasizes his devotion to growing the economy.


However, a hinderance to his campaign will be the 2007 recession, which caused job losses statewide, thereby leaving a negative mark on Strickland’s job record as an officeholder, reported


Strickland assures his election to the Senate will herald a new impetus to rebuild the economic ladder as well as protecting manufacturing jobs and providing expanded higher learning opportunities for all Ohioans.  He demands accountability from the wealthy to help rebuild America’s middle class in the form of sharing a larger tax burden.  And most importantly, Strickland desires to further restructure and correct an exploitive healthcare system which fails to provide adequate coverage for most Americans.


Rob Portman – the current Republican Senator – is not Strickland’s only competition for the state seat.  He also must beat out Cincinnati Democratic Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld in the primary. Sittenfeld has already amassed nearly $500,000 in campaign donations according to the Columbus Dispatch.


Editor’s Note: Information from, The Columbus Dispatch and Ted Strickland’s senate website was used in this report.