Greek life presents first JCU showcase for student talent

October 15th, 2015



The First Annual John Carroll Community Showcase by JCU Greek Life, held in Kulas Auditorium on Saturday, Oct. 3,  was a night filled with laughs and plenty of talent.


The 12 acts who were shown in the showcase included performances involving dancing, guitar playing, piano playing, comedy and singing. The competition had two winners; one overall winner and, because the event was sponsored by Greek Life, a Greek student winner as well.


The overall winner received a gift card and the Greek student winner received the proceeds profited from the event and could donate it to their philanthropy.


The show was emceed by junior Ese Osaghae and senior Daniel McManus. The show began with the emcees joking around to lighten the mood before they presented the first act.


The first act was sister duo senior Christina Iafelice and freshman Regina Iafelice, who were the only dancers to perform for the event. The girls danced to Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” and received a rave applause.


The second act was the John Carroll University Gospel Choir, who sang an arrangement of songs and interacted with the audience by adding clapping and enlisting their help in ad-libbing positive praises.


Junior Anika Prots was the third act, playing her guitar while also singing a solo of an original song. After her performance, the audience gave her a standing ovation.


Freshman Valentina Powell sang and was the only participant to incorporate a piano in her set.


The community showcase also included sets by Greek Life organizations.


Members of the Kappa Delta sorority performed a song from the Broadway musical “Wicked.”


Freshman Anna Masica from the Gamma Phi Beta sorority was the only representative from the organization, performing a solo performance.


After half of the performances were over, the emcees performed a controversial comedy skit involving chocolate cake that did not go over to well with the audience.


The next set involved senior Matt “Hribstar” Hribar and sophomore Seth “Shmoo-moo” Shamatta, who presented themselves as a political rap group. Instead of entertaining the audience with a rap performance, the audience took their performance to be more comical than musical.


Freshman Josiah Jones Ray was the next act, who had previously performed with the John Carroll University Gospel Choir earlier in the night. He instantly became a crowd favorite and was praised with a standing ovation from the majority of the audience.


Next, the Chi Omega sorority also participated in the showcase with a group singing arrangement, complete with ukuleles.


The last performance was by the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, who performed a group set singing “Locked Away” by R. City and Adam Levine.


The overall winner was freshman Josiah Jones Ray, who thanked the JCU Gospel Choir for helping bring his voice out.


The first annual showcase also had a Greek life winner, who was freshman Anna Masica from Gamma Phi Beta. All the proceeds went to their philanthropy “Girls on the Run,” which helps at risk girls with education while creatively integrating running.


Once the talent show was over, some of the audience members gave their opinion on the talent showcase.


When asked what her favorite act was, sophomore Julian Hullett said, “Josiah had a special effect on the audience.”


Sophomore Shaelin Maresco, who performed in the showcase with Kappa Delta, she said, “The scariest part of performing was the fact that anything could happen and there is nothing you could do about it.”


Senior Lanasia Douglas gave her thoughts about the event, saying, “It was a great showcase and Greek Life should definitely continue to put on the John Carroll Community Showcase for years to come.”


The Community showcase has potential to be an annual event and was a great opportunity to see the talent John Carroll students have to offer.