French train hero stabbed outside a bar in California

October 15th, 2015




U.S airman Spencer Stone, 23, was stabbed in a bar fight in Sacramento, Calif., near 21st and K Streets at Badlands nightclub around 12:45 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015.


Stone is famous for thwarting the terrorist attack on a French train in August with his two friends and is considered an international hero by President Obama and French President Francois Hollande.


Witnesses of the event state Stone was protecting a woman at the time of the stabbing. There were multiple people in the fight, as one witness explained to the local news station, KTXL-TV.


The Sacramento Police Department said Stone was stabbed multiple times in the torso. Deputy Ken Bernard said that the stabbing was not related to terrorism in any way.


However, some reports state that he was also stabbed from behind. Multiple accounts from witnesses also stated that there would be no way to tell if it was Spencer Stone.


According to The Daily Mail, Stone saw a woman hit by the suspect who eventually stabbed him. He stepped in to protect her, and that is when the fight broke out. After the altercation, the woman, who is the suspect’s girlfriend, fled the scene with the two suspects.

Spencer Stone

The stabbing did not take place outside of the bar, but rather a block away, the Los Angeles Times reported. It occurred after heated conversations between Stone, his four friends and the assailants took place.


In a direct statement to KTXL-TV, the witness, Eric Cain, a night clerk at a liquor store, said he assumed it was a typical bar fight. However, he also said, “Next thing I know, I start walking back in the store and I hear like someone got hit so I turn back around and that’s when it started running in the street.”


At this time, Cain realized one of the men was stabbed, but did not recognize it was Spencer Stone. According to Cain, Stone intervened with the with the assailant, and “kinda got in his face.”


Another witness of the incident, Bryan Romandia, said, “They were in the middle of the street, like, in the middle of the intersection.”


The police have not named any of the suspects. However, their leads include two men who fled the scene in a dark 2009-2012 Toyota Camry. The Sacramento Police Department released a traffic camera screen shot on Thursday, Oct. 8 of the two men and the car.


According to the official press release, Sacramento Police confirmed that Stone is at University of California Davis Medical Center. His current condition was updated from “serious” to “fair” on Friday, Oct. 9 and is in good spirits, according to a Fox affiliate in Sacramento.


The UC Medical Doctors said that, while his injuries were serious, they were not life threatening. Stone is expected to make a full recovery, according to Capital Public Radio.


On Friday, Stone’s friend Marilyn Norberry said, “his family has been at the  hospital with him the whole time.” She also stated, “He’s stable, and wants to come home. It’s a miracle, he’s invincible. He’s very brave.”


A friend and co-worker of Stone, Rich Wisdom, joked that we are all only two news cycles away from finding out he is Batman. Stone, who is known for standing up for justice, as Wisdom notes, has chased down shoplifters before, according to The Daily Mail.


Alek Skarlatos, a friend of Stone, current contestant on Dancing With The Stars and also part of stopping the terrorist attack in France stated on his Twitter account, “Spencer is one tough guy. And only he could have done something like that, and lived, yet again.” Alek also tweeted on Oct. 8 a request to pray for the Stone Family.


Editor’s Note: Information from Fox40,  UC Davis Hospital, The Los Angeles Times and The Daily Mail was used in this report.