Due to hazing, ATO suspended

October 15th, 2015


A hazing video surfaced on Twitter, featuring Indiana University’s chapter of Alpha Tao Omega, Delta Alpha, on Wednesday, Oct. 8. The controversial 29 second video, featuring an alleged sexual hazing ritual, was leaked by an anonymous user named ATO Video.


The video features an initiated member in his underwear performing oral sex on an exotic dancer on a dirty mattress. During the video, he attempts to stop, but is beat by the second exotic dancer and forced back down. There appears to be six others who were standing in line. A crowd in the background of the video cheers and laughs along while watching.


In a statement to The Washington Post, Wynn Smiley, the CEO of Alpha Tau Omega said, “The event was unauthorized involving about half of the chapter’s membership. The National Fraternity investigation revealed the 21-year-old man in the video was an initiated member, not a pledge, and the two women in the video were exotic dancers hired by one of the members. Our investigation revealed that no pledge was compelled to participate. Regardless, the actions are contrary to the ideals and principles of Alpha Tau Omega and are highly offensive.”


Alpha Tau Omega

The name of the man who was performing the act appears to be Scotty, as the group surrounding him chants and cheers him on, while screaming his name.


Indiana University responded on their official Twitter account, stating, “Our campus is committed to a culture of care. Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) is suspended immediately, pending investigation into hazing allegations.”


The school is continuing to investigate this with their on-campus police department and Dean of Students and are working closely with the national ATO organization. The university stated, “the Office of Student Ethics will also continue to investigate the issue as it relates to potential violations of the university code of conduct.”


Although Indiana University only suspended Alpha Tau Omega’s chapter from their campus, the ATO national leadership confirmed on Thursday, Oct. 9, they were closing the Delta Alpha chapter. Alpha Tao Omega was also swift on social media with a tweet about national hazing prevention week. The tweet was accompanied by a human hand, with, “These Hands Don’t Haze” written on it. Currently, the fraternity is not a sponsor of the Fraternal Law’s Anti-Hazing hotline.


Indiana University’s initial tweet took harsh criticism as many students and alumni. One even said, “That wasn’t hazing, that was RAPE you clowns.” However, some students did not seem phased and thought it was an overreaction.


In 2010, the Associated Press reported that two-thirds of Indiana University’s fraternity members were kicked out after hazing and alcohol violations. At that time, the same CEO, Wynn Smiley stated that the members of the fraternity had the attitude that the fraternity’s purpose was to be “party central.”


Editor’s Note: Information from The Associated Press, Indiana University’s Twitter, The Washington Post and CNN was used in this report.