Fantasy takeover

October 8th, 2015

I can’t be the only one. Somebody else has to be encompassed by this same madness.


Midterms are approaching and my school work is as heavy as it has been all year. That, along with work, leaves very little free time for other things.


Yet, I find time for fantasy sports.


Last year, I wrote about how fantasy football had taken over my stream of consciousness.


This year, it’s about 100 times worse. It’s not just fantasy football. Fantasy baseball and basketball have joined in on the fun of distracting me from everything that should be important.


It’s not that my grades are slipping or anything. It’s just that I feel any moment of free time I have I am trying to work the next big deal in any of my leagues, the number of which I prefer not to admit.


A big reason this year has gotten so crazy for me is because I have discovered the world of keeper leagues.


Keeper leagues are great because the league never goes dead and instead of dominating your thoughts for half the year, it can completely control you for the entire year.


Fantasy football is in full swing so I’m constantly checking the waiver wire and trying to make my run at the No. 1 spot in all my leagues.


Fantasy baseball just ended, but now I have to scheme and try and get younger so my team can remain dominate going forward.


Fantasy basketball, for me, has become a world in and of itself. We are in the fourth year of our keeper league now and there’s not a day that goes by that some sort of team movement does not happen.


Some of my friends complain that I’m on my phone too much. That’s probably true, but I can’t help it.


If anybody has ever been in a fantasy league where all ten participants are incredibly active, then you might have an idea of what my fantasy basketball league is like. Except, my league is probably ten times as insane.


We’ve probably had 30 trades go down this offseason, and with draft day just two weeks away, it has hit hyperdrive.


Literally all day every day I am  working deals with multiple teams trying to set myself up for a repeat of the championship I won last year.


In our league, it’s an embarrassment to be bad. I don’t want to be embarrassed.


If you’re smart, do that one-day fantasy sports stuff. It will probably keep you more sane than I am.


We all say we want our leagues to have everybody active and be competitive, but when they are, you’ll see the danger.


Fantasy sports are incredible, and they have taken over my life.