Start Manziel

October 1st, 2015

I do not believe in Johnny Manziel. Let me start by saying that.


I do not believe he will become a legitimate NFL quarterback by any stretch of the word.


But I acknowledge I am not an NFL expert, and Manziel could very well prove me wrong.


Unfortunately for Manziel, he is not being given that chance because the Cleveland Browns’ head coach, Mike Pettine, feels that starting Josh McCown is the better  option.


I hear what Pettine is saying. I understand McCown earned the job over the entirety of training camp and Manziel has had very few first team reps because of his own injury, but I still disagree with the choice.


We all know the Browns are not winning a Super Bowl anytime soon. They are the Browns. They are probably cursed and may never win one. That’s just the way the Browns work.


But it’s not just being cursed that causes the Browns to be so bad all the time. It’s the constant decisions by the GM and the head coach that almost always end up being wrong.


Manziel may be another wrong decision. I certainly think that he is, but the Browns aren’t even giving him the chance to prove people like me and Merril Hoge wrong.


Cleveland spent a first round pick on Manziel just two years ago. The opportunity finally arises where he gets a start early in the season, and he looks really promising in a winning effort.


On the horizon is a very winnable game against the Oakland Raiders, one of the worst teams in the league over the past decade.


Just as everybody is jumping on the Manziel bandwagon and ready to see if Johnny Football can break the streak of awful Browns’ QBs, Pettine decides to throw Josh McCown back into the fold, and shocker, the Browns lost.


McCown is not good. Not at all. He had half of one good season for the Chicago Bears. He’s also 36 years old. In other words, he has zero upside.


I’m not a Browns fan. I legitimately hate the Browns, but even I’m getting worked up about this.


Pettine, stop being dumb. Start Manziel.


He could be a total flop, but McCown isn’t any better, so what’s the hurt in starting Johnny?


If you play McCown the rest of the season, you go into next year with the exact same situation you have right now. Only difference will be that Manziel will have had even less experience in year two than he did in year one.


I want the Browns to lose, but to see them lose because they refuse to do something everybody knows is the right decision is just mind boggling and frustrating.


The Browns need to stop acting like the Browns. Bench McCown and start Manziel.