Shepherd internship offered to all majors

October 1st, 2015

The eight-week summer Shepherd Internship Program was created by The Shepherd Consortium on Poverty. The internship integrates rigorous academic study and direct service with disadvantaged communities and persons. The experience enriches education for all undergraduate students regardless of major or career path. The goal of the program is to prepare students for lives aimed at diminishing poverty and enhancing human capability through professional and civic efforts.


Internships are offered in the areas of community building, economic development, education, healthcare, homelessness, housing access, hunger and nutrition, legal advocacy and youth outreach.


CAMPUS Shepherd intern

Associate professor in the communications department, Margaret Finucane, and internship director Maryellen Callanan stated that once students are selected into the program, they will then work with the program director and choose what areas they are interested in. Callanan continued to explain that students also select which geographic area of the United States in which they now want to serve.


The internship locations include Phillips County, Ark.; Navajo Reservation, Ariz.; Atlanta, Ga.; Boston, Mass.; Camden, N.J.; Cleveland, Ohio; N.Y. City; Chester, Penn.; Austin, Texas; Lebanon, Lexington; Richmond, Va.; Washington, D.C. and Charleston and Fayetteville, W. Va.


Callanan said, “John Carroll University is part of a network of 20 schools and that generally, there are 100 students that participate in the program.”


The opening conference for the internship is in June, and all 100 applicants are expected to be in attendance as a program requirement. The conference informs and educates the applicants about the internship. Then, they travel to their designated locations. This year, the opening conference will be at Marymount University and the closing ceremony will be in Atlanta.


Housing for the program is paid for, while food and transportation are granted with a $1,400 stipend. Both Finucane and Callanan explained that it is a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the community and that many students find themselves playing with the kids in the community and even participating in exercise classes with them. This opportunity allows students to go to places they have never been to before and immerses them into eye opening work that they can place with an individual’s face.

CAMPUS_Shepherd intern

Applicants must be an undergraduate and a full-time sophomore or junior that will graduate in 2017 or later. The application deadline is Nov. 2, 2015. Editor’s Note: To apply, visit For more information, contact