FBI to search 60,000 emails on Clinton server

October 1st, 2015



FBI investigators recovered both work-related and personal emails that  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton deleted off of her personal account, according to The New York Times. The FBI said they were not hard to recover. Clinton’s server contains over 60,000 emails that the FBI must now examine, according to The New York Times.


This news comes five months after Clinton admitted to using her private email for official business. If the emails are considered work-related, they will be passed on to FBI agents for further investigation. However, it will take several months to sift through these emails since many contain sensitive information. Many are personal emails, such as the planning of her daughter, Chelsea Clinton’s, wedding and other miscellaneous activities, reported Bloomberg.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The FBI is looking at these 60,000 emails that Clinton deleted,and they are looking back to see if any other sensitive emails were sent from her server when in office. The bureau’s goal is to find out why and how classified information ended up on her personal server, according to Bloomberg.


The classified information included schedules, press clippings, staffing updates, speech notes and technical support requests. The FBI has even classified one of the documents as secret. This message contained information about arrests in Libya. The State Department has already released copies of 8,000 emails that were on the server to the public as examples of what kind of information these messages contained at Clinton’s request, according to Bloomberg.


Editor’s Note: Information from The New York Times, The Guardian, Bloomberg and Business Insider was used in this report.