Students at your service

September 24th, 2015


Recently, John Carroll students have voiced their concerns regarding the slow service of the Inn Between and a lack of other food choices on campus. A significant number of students have noticed they have had to wait 20 or more minutes for a simple takeout meal. This is due to understaffing in the grab-and-go facility, not because of the current workers. It is rare to see a member of the student body working within food services; therefore The Carroll News proposes that the Inn Between become a completely student-run entity. With this, JCU would hire a managing advisor to schedule and train the new staff members.


Jonathon Craven, senior, commented saying, “I usually grab dinner late at night after the cafeteria closes. I enjoy the Inn Between, but I know if I’m going to be eating there I better have enough time to wait.” Currently, a catering company outside of the University called ClassicFare Catering runs John Carroll dining services.


By giving students the opportunity to work in the Inn Between there will be a more accurate and efficient system. Understaffing will not be an issue due to the students’ high demand for jobs on campus.


There are dozens of potential workers here who would be willing to pick up a couple of shifts during the week for money. Since the Inn Between is one of the few sources of alternative foods, it ought to be well-run and satisfactory. Craven said, “I’d probably go more often if it was quicker.”


Having a student run Inn Between would offer a way for JCU residents to decide the hours, choose the food and have a greater say in their only late-night food joint. However, this would come at a cost, as hiring and training a brand new staff of part-time workers would be time consuming. It would also be taking jobs from current staff members. Although, potential for overall control and better efficiency is worth considering.


The Inn Between is very popular on campus, and it has to be – it is the only place to go after 8:00 pm. Putting students in charge will adequately staff the Inn Between and put forth a dining experience run for the students, by the students.