Recap of NY fashion week: Fashions from crochets to fringe for spring 2016

September 24th, 2015



The establishment of New York Fashion Week means different things to different people. What some would consider to be the epitome of the fashion world, others may see as a gaudy nuisance. However, in cities such as New York, fashion seems to be more about expressing oneself more than anything else. It is a way of life that attracts thousands of consumers, designers, artists, models, social elites and celebrities each year during the months of Feb. and Sept. The who’s who of the fashion world gather to celebrate the innovation and creativity throughout the year through new designs captured within a week long series of shows and events now known to the world as New York Fashion Week.


New York Fashion Week (NYFW) focuses on the fashions and trends that will be worn in the next spring season. Spring typically brings bright floral tones and a variety of styles that show off the body for the warm weather.

Fashion Serena Williams Spring 2016

This year, NYFW took place from Sept. 9 through Sept. 17, which allowed for hundreds of brands to display their designs. Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and even Kanye West’s “Yeezy” collection were just a few of the brands that commanded much of the public’s attention.


Each featured brand and designer sought out to be unique in bringing their creative ideas during the week. These ideas are supposed to set a new standard of style in the fashion world while also inspiring the next generation of designers who anxiously awaited each event this year.


Several trends caught the attention of fashion magazines, critics and bloggers during NYFW. One was the use of crocheted fabrics. Designers, such as Tommy Hilfiger, added their own spin to a dying art many would not typically associate with high fashion. On the runway, crochet tops, dresses and a few other styles made for an interesting twist, adding a burst of color and pattern to the different styles of clothing featured.


Fringe, shingles and strings were another trend on the runway this year. Audiences watched as models strutted down the runways with strings of fabric blowing in the wind behind them. The loose flowing strings were attached to pieces like sweaters, jackets and even shoes, adding an new dimension and depth to the designs presented this year. Alexander Wang and DKNY took full advantage of this trend in their shows.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2016

Whether you love or hate them, face accessories are also here to stay. Models were not only dressed in extravagant clothing but their faces, in a few cases, were covered in an assortment of masks, jewelry and unusual make up designs. This trend is not likely to be seen in the streets. However, its edge and flare took over NYFW being heavily featured in the Dion Lee, Givenchy and The Blondes fashion shows.


A few more trends that emerged from NYFW included bare shoulders, pattern blocking, the 70’s Woodstock and exposed midriffs. Expect to see these trends soon as critics expect them to be inspiration for many brands across the nation.



Most of these trends are gender neutral and inclusive. The majority of the men on the runway were seen in similar apparel that followed the trends listed above. For those who may be uncomfortable with flashy patterns or shingles hanging off the ends of clothing, there were also many designs for classic dress suits and simple day wear just for men.


Overall, this September brought several creative ideas that are sure to truly inspire those who wish to be a part of the fashion world.


Editor’s Note: Information from The New York Times, The Huffington Post and was used in this report.