Car stolen from Green Road Annex

September 24th, 2015


Freshman Chris LaPaglia’s vehicle was stolen from the Green Road Annex parking lot on Friday, Sept. 18 between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. After being taken from the lot where JCU underclassmen park, the vehicle was used in a commission of a crime in Beachwood. Four suspects fled the vehicle after it crashed. According to the official police report by the University Heights Police Department, the vehicle stolen was a 1996 Jeep. The current case status is a pending investigation. University Heights police officer Marc Imbrogno was on duty at the time.


Currently, the suspects have not been identified or apprehended. John Carroll Police offered advice in an e-mail to students regarding ways to remain safe on campus. These ways include reporting any suspicious activity, crime or emergency to campus police by calling 327-1234, not allowing people to enter the residence halls who you do not know, keeping your office and dorm room locked, jog or exercise outside during the day and around the campus, and finally, trust your gut if you feel uncomfortable about a situation. It is also important to take all valuable items out of your cars or at least make sure they are not in sight.


Assistant Director of the John Carroll Police Department, Brian Hurd, said that in the last seven years they have never had any signs of interpersonal violence at Green Road. However, this is the second car theft from that lot. To ensure that the lot remains safe, JCUPD and University Heights will continue to patrol the lot, especially after the shuttle stops running.


The recent theft will not influence any decision on adding extra transportation after hours to and from the Green Road Annex nor any rearrangement of parking on campus.