SUPB brings murder mystery to life with dinner theater

September 17th, 2015


John Carroll University’s SUPB invited The Murder Mystery Company to provide a dinner and show event, a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, in the LSC Conference room on Saturday, Sept. 12 for approximately seventy students.


The Murder Mystery Company, based in Michigan, performs 10 different themed shows with the help of twenty actors and actresses, hosting shows nationwide.


According to the company’s website, they have “sold 300,000 tickets and has performed at over 33 public venues in 18 states,” making them “not just one of the largest dinner theatres in Michigan, but in America.”


The Murder Mystery Company’s performers included “The Great Scott” Mark Woodford, “Gerriatrics” Gerri Martin, “Mabel Lancaster” Lee Williams, and “Scarlet LaRoe” Theresa Collins.

murder mystery

“The Great Scott” played the “greatest magician in the world,” wearing a dazzling multicolored suit. “Geriatrics” acted as a desperate woman and sister of “Mabel Lancaster,” whose creative costume brought humor to the dinner. Finally, “Scarlet LaRoe” pretended to be a young, famous actress with multiple love connections.


Before the theatrical show began, the company chose audience members at random to be suspects in the show. The actors and actresses gave each suspect a funny hat, a comedic name as their new identity, and a binder filled with information for his or her role in the show. The ultimate catch of the game was that nobody, not even the suspects, could know who committed the crime.


The game began with the death of “The Great Scott.” Divided into eight teams, guests competed to find the killer and determine what was his or her motive. Team members were encouraged to walk around the room and acquire clues from the suspects, using fake money to bribe suspects for more secretive information.


Junior Steven Schmitz brought his inner acting talents to the table when “The Great Scott” volunteered him to play the role of “Chip Stone.” Schmitz’s natural demeanor and charm brought the character “Chip Stone” to life throughout the evening.


By the end of the show, “The Murder Mystery Company” awarded him the best actor throughout the dinner at the end of the show.


Freshman Patia Lanchman enjoyed her night of mystery solving, though she said it was difficult to ultimately figure out who was the guilty party. Lanchman noted she had to “interact with everyone to get clues” and the “actors and actresses were very helpful and answered any questions” that came up along the way.


Zeanna Otis, SUPB event coordinator, who supervised the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, commented, “I believe the event went very well and I think the students enjoyed themselves. I was told by someone that this event was their favorite SUPB event so far.”


Freshman Kaleigh Golamb said her team’s strategy was to “split up and gather information separately, and then meet back up and collaborate as a team This strategy worked,  as their team, The Jewel Sacks, correctly solved the mystery. They were able to figure out who committed the crime, why, and how they executed it. The team received a certificate for their efforts, along with bragging rights.


Editor’s Note: Information from was used in this report.