Safety week kicks off with “The Great Escape”

September 17th, 2015


With new and returning students coming to John Carroll, the office of residence life is celebrating the first “Safety Week” to help residents stay safe over the 2015-2016 year. This past Monday, the first event was “The Great Escape,” an exercise in precaution and awareness of on-campus fires.


Held in Dolan Hall, the office of residence life worked with the University Heights fire and police departments to set up a scenario in order for students to understand the seriousness of a fire in the dorms. The scenario was coordinated by Area Coordinator Deanna Strauss, Residence Life Director Lisa Brown, and Assistant Residence Life Director Brendan Dolan.


Students were invited to go over important safety rules when dealing with a dorm fire. These included: feeling the door before exiting, staying near the wall and low to the ground, or if unable to leave the room, calling 911 and catching a responder’s attention through the window.


After the fire safety presentation, the area coordinators and firemen took students down the hall to the basement. Residence Life set up an exercise by filling the kitchen of Dolan Hall with a smoke system, simulating a regular fire. University Heights police officers directed the students because visibility was low from the thickness of the smoke. After the demonstration all students were treated to a barbecue in the front of the hall, held by Dolan resident assistants junior August Runyon and sophomore Connor Goldhamer.