The Cavs will win the East

April 23rd, 2015


I’m not a Cleveland fan. Not the Indians, not the Browns and certainly not the Cavs.


I’m from Detroit, so I pretty much despise all Cleveland teams.


However, as much as I dislike the Cavs, the reality of the situation is that I don’t see a scenario in which they don’t win the East.


The Cavs’ biggest, and in my opinion, only threats are the Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls.


Most people feel the Hawks have the best chance at knocking off the Cavs due to the fact they held the second best record in the league (60-22) and clinched the No. 1 seed in the East with a month left in the season.


While I will not deny that the Hawks are an incredibly talented team, I have been a bit of a skeptic all year.


It’s strange because I am a Spurs lover through and through, and the Hawks coach, Mike Budenholzer, was an assistant under Spurs coach Greg Poppovich for years.


That said, until I see Atlanta have the type of success that San Antonio has had, I’m going to bet on LeBron over everybody.


We saw what happened when LeBron went to the Miami Heat; they went on to go to four straight NBA Finals.


I want to believe that the Hawks or the Bulls can beat the Cavs, but I don’t think they can.


The Bulls are an interesting case. Throughout, the last few years, everybody crowned them the team most likely to knock off the Heat. However, because their players always seem to be injured, Chicago never really got their shot.


This year, they are probably as healthy as they have ever been heading into the playoffs, but they’ve fallen under the radar because of the Hawks and the Cavs.


I think the Bulls could have  made a run into the Eastern Conference Finals, but they are getting matched up with the Cavs in the second round and they will lose.


A Hawks versus Cavs Eastern Conference Finals seems inevitable at this point, and when that inevitably happens, the Cavs will make the NBA Finals.


I expect either the Golden State Warriors, the Spurs or the Clippers to come out of the Western Conference.


The Cavs should be praying it’s the Clippers, although that’s probably the least likely of all scenarios.


So, Cleveland, get excited because your Cavs are going to make the NBA Finals.


Once you’re there, anything is possible.


I neither want nor expect the Cavs to win the title, but at the end of the day, Cleveland has the best player in the world, and that might be enough to finally win a title.