“The Wizard of Oz” gets a TV series revival in “Emerald City”

April 22nd, 2015




In a reboot of the classic story, “The Wizard of Oz,” NBC is producing a new series called “Emerald City.”


The idea for the show was originally pitched in August of 2014, but NBC canceled the pitch due to creative differences.


Now, NBC has decided to bring the story to life in a 10-episode drama, shedding a new light on the original storyline.

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Dorothy is no longer the traditional farm girl from Kansas, but has been reimagined as a 20-year-old, strong-headed warrior who finds herself in a new world plagued with bloody warfare, rather than the ordinary fabled Land of Oz the public will remember.


JCU freshman Rebecca Ries-Ronacalli commented, “The new portrayal of Dorothy seems strong and in control of her own actions.”


Many other changes to the familiar story will be made in the television series. NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt described the new series as “epic” and “thrilling.”


According to The Huffington Post, Greenblatt also said that while many characters will be familiar, there will be many new faces in the show as well.


While these changes offer an enticing revision of Oz, some JCU students fear these changes may take too much away from the original story of “The Wizard of Oz.”


Freshman Elizabeth Weaver says “I don’t know how [NBC] will change ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and maintain the greatness of the original story. When something is loved by generations, it’s hard to change it so drastically and have people still watch it.”


As of now, no announcement has been made about when “Emerald City” will premiere. NBC still has high hopes for the show, inspired by L. Frank Baum’s book, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” “Emerald City” is sure to offer an engaging and intriguing twist on classic story.


Editor’s Note: Information from The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post and was used in this article.