Poster session kicks off yearly celebration: Students’ academic achievements recognized at 14th annual “A Celebration of Scholarship”

April 16th, 2015



Students and faculty gathered in the Dolan Center for Science and Technology last Monday for the poster session of the 14th annual “A Celebration of Scholarship.”


Posters displayed a variety of academic projects for the poster session in Muldoon Atrium. Students researched a vast array of topics for this presentation.


Senior Shelby Griffith presented her research of experimental drug treatments for stroke patients. “These drugs will not be on the market very soon,” said Griffith. “They are in the early stages of research.”


Griffith, who is looking forward to medical school in the fall, received this opportunity through the John Carroll Cleveland Clinic Foundation Internship. Griffith stated that this experience has prepared her well for medical school and has given her a strong background in neuroscience, which is her concentration at John Carroll.


While many students focused on medicine, other students took a different approach to research. Taylor Hartman researched how members of the LGBTQ community are perceived at John Carroll. Hartman gathered information by asking members of the John Carroll community to participate in an online survey. In this survey, participants were asked a series of questions regarding their awareness of the LGBTQ community at John Carroll. Although his research is not yet complete, Hartman believes many people at JCU do not feel comfortable on campus because of their sexuality or gender identity.


Hartman explained that there are three things the University can do to make LGBTQ students feel welcome.


First, students and faculty should have an open dialogue about controversial issues so that JCU community members will feel comfortable talking about LGBTQ issues. Second, students should be educated in their classes about problems currently facing our society, such as matters of race, sexuality and poverty. Third, there should be resources available on campus for LGBTQ members if they are experiencing bullying or discrimination. With these tools, Hartman believes that John Carroll can become a safer, more accepting place for everyone.


Achievements in fields other than academics are also celebrated during this week. A Celebration of Scholarship recognizes art, music and academics through events such as lectures, concerts, panels and art exhibits.


“A Celebration of Scholarship is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to share research, scholarship and creative activity,” said Cathy Anson, director of sponsored research. “This event is cross disciplinary.”


Anson explained A Celebration of Scholarship also commends a wide range of skills, such as a weeklong art exhibit in Grasselli Library and The Arts at Night Festival in the Underground on Wednesday, April 15.


Associate Academic Vice President Jim Krukones is this year’s celebration host, and Deanna DePenti, Coordinator of Commencement and Continuing Education, is the celebration coordinator. Krukones and DePenti expressed their support for John Carroll’s commitment to a rigorous curriculum and versatile graduates. Krukones said, “A Celebration of Scholarship focuses on research to allow the students to show off their skills.” Krukones stated that since the student research is carried out under faculty supervision, the students’ success reflects the expertise of their faculty advisors.


Aside from a few students who must engage in this event because it is a requirement for their major or scholarship program, most John Carroll students voluntarily participate in A Celebration of Scholarship.


The Celebration will conclude with the Porter Scholarship Reception on Thursday, April 16.