You say goodbye, I say hello

March 26th, 2015


My mom once told me, “Every time one door closes, another opens.” Her words apply perfectly in this column.


It’s time to say goodbye to my column, “Cup of Joe,” which I’ve written for nearly two and a half years. It’s also time to welcome new opportunities with open arms.


Following three years with The Carroll News, I have decided to step aside and allow other staffers to enjoy the wonderful opportunities I experienced with this award-winning newspaper.


I write these words not with a heavy heart, but with excitement as I prepare for my next challenge.


Looking back, I still recall the first time I set foot in The Carroll News office as a prospective student in April 2012. I remember the warm feeling in my chest, and knowing JCU was the place for me.


The memories I made in that newsroom will remain with me forever. Beginning as an assistant sports editor, then the sports editor and finally the managing editor, I have spent much of my JCU career inside those walls.


But room itself didn’t make the time special – the people did.


I met many incredible individuals through the CN, but the most noteworthy person is Bob Noll.


As an old poster in the CN office reads, “If you don’t know Bob, you live under a rock.” It’s true, Bob’s a  remarkable man. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for his guidance and wisdom over the past three years. Bob is the man.


Another special person I’ve had the pleasure of working with is Alex Higl.


I can’t imagine serving under a better editor-in-chief than Alex. She’s as strong as they come. Alex has stared in the face adversity and laughed, showing great courage even as challenges confronted her.


As a running joke, we call each other “bros.” But without a doubt, Alex is like the sister I never had.


I also feel welcomed as part of the JCU family, especially at WJCU and the Athletics Department.


The WJCU studio is like my living room at JCU: I never know who will be around, but I’m sure to enjoy a laugh whenever I pop in. I’m excited to serve as the station’s Sports Director and follow in the footsteps of truly great men.


I’m looking forward to spending more time with my Sports Information Department peeps, too. As a whole, the Athletic Department is blessed with a wealth of amazing administrators and coaches, and I’m fortunate to know and work with all of them.


I am also lucky to have a strong support system. From my parents to the members of the Communications Department, I’ve received invaluable guidance from a long list of wise people. I will never forget how you have helped me in good times and bad.


I also need to thank you, my readers.  As members of the JCU community, you have kept me grounded when I was flying high and lifted me up when I was feeling low. Thanks to you, my time at JCU has been incredible so far. I’m looking forward to spending my final year as a Blue Streak with you.


My goal as a member of The Carroll News has always been to leave the newspaper a better place than I left it. Thanks to your help, I believe I did so.


The time has come for me to pursue other opportunities that will give me the chance to accomplish that goal on a wider scale.


As I fondly bid farewell to The Carroll News, I say hello to new opportunities in the JCU community. Let’s make the most of our remaining time together.