Nearing the finish line

March 26th, 2015


Well, friends, it’s the end of an era. This is the last Higl’s Squiggles you’ll ever have the honor of reading. (Not to worry, though. I’ll write my final ‘thank you’ column in the senior edition in late April. That’ll be a tearjerker.)


Ah yes, they’ve finally done it. They’ve finally kicked me out.


I only kid. It’s just our typical transition period to a new staff.


But as I reach my final days as editor in chief of this award-winning newspaper, I think, “Was it all worth it?”


Before you gasp out of horror and disgust on how I can even question the work of my college career, hear me out.


Here at The Carroll News, the staff dedicate their lives to producing an award-winning newspaper. With that said, staffers sacrifice a lot to put together this publication you read on the john or throw across the Quad, offering it  up as a sacrifice to the terrifying JCU squirrels (but it works better if you put peanut butter on it).


There’s little time for a social life, sleep, healthy eating habits, full devotion to schoolwork (sorry, I had to say it) and sanity.


In the end, these fours years have been just one, giant marathon. You don’t know if you’re going to make it along the way. You throw up. You urinate yourself. You sprain your ankle or tear a muscle. And, when you reach the finish line, you’re much more disheveled than when you first started.


Along the course of this marathon, I (metaphorically) threw up, sprained my ankle and tore multiple muscles. (Notice I left out the urination part. That’s just far too embarrassing and gross.)


Ever since becoming editor-in-chief, I’ve grown insane, sleep deprived, sassier (probably because of sleep deprivation and insanity) and can’t even remember the last time


I’ve gone out. (What are these Pub Tuesdays you speak of?) I’ve learned it isn’t wise to schedule a class before noon (it was quite embarrassing when I passed out in the front row of philosophy class, drooling on my desk). I’ve learned that people will remember and point out all your flaws and typos, but forget your triumphs. I’ve learned that people are irrational and difficult to work with.


And, I’ve often asked myself one question: Was it all worth it?


Yes, I suppose it was. There were plenty of times I almost quit working on this newspaper (I’m woman enough to admit it).


But, I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned patience. I’ve learned humility. I’ve learned to hold my dearest friends close. I’ve learned teamwork. I’ve learned to never use the oxford comma (thanks, AP style). I’ve learned to take a deep breath, look my haters in the eye, nod, smile and move on.


I’ve learned so much from my staffers, readers and critics.


To all you readers out there, I thank you (again, you’ll be receiving even more thanks in my final column in the special senior edition). You’ve been my motivation.


Although I’m convinced only my parents read my column, I’m absolutely floored and grateful when someone from the JCU community takes five minutes to skim my feminist rants or witty written banter. You’ve been my motivation to cross the finish line.


Because, loyal readers, it’s all about you. We do all this work for you. We sacrifice our sanity, sleep schedules and chance of having friends to keep you informed and entertained. And even if you don’t agree with what we print, well then kudos to you – at least you gave us a few minutes of your time (and, your constructive criticism makes us better).


And, of course, what wouldn’t a sassy Higl’s Squiggle’s column be without some advice. So here’s my advice to you, readers: In your four years at JCU, find your marathon. Find something that physically, mentally and emotionally pushes you to your limits. Find something where you’ll be able to grow and develop. Because, who got anywhere by playing it safe?


So, here I leave you, loyal readers.


Cue the credits, draw the curtains and all those crazy clichés.