Interfraternity council: Fraternal thoughts

March 26th, 2015

Across the country, Greek life – in particular fraternity life – has been receiving negative press about certain organizations’ poor attempts at representing what brotherhood means. Some attempts have been communal chants dealing with race. Others have been active and alumni members sharing inappropriate images of women on their social media profiles.  


Actions like these are wrong. And, most members of any Greek organization would stand against them.  Also, when incidents like these occur, members of any Greek society should report them and bring attention to these members who have done wrong. When recent negative events occurred, they were reported because it was the right thing to do. But this doesn’t make the actions any better.


Do these members know the damages they cause for those of us in Greek life across the country and at JCU? Their actions not only embarrass us, but also hurt us. They make it harder for us as Greek members because they perpetuate the stereotypes most fraternity men and sorority women here at John Carroll University work to destroy.


Here at JCU, most members of the Greek community work to represent the standards and values taught by each of their Greek organizations. Fraternities and sororities teach members to excel in academics, thrive socially and succeed in service. They provide us with the resources we need to properly delegate responsibilities and how to interact with peers in serious situations.


At John Carroll, most of the members in Greek organizations are centered on the positives that come with being a part of these groups. Most of us see the benefits each social fraternity provides in the areas of leadership, service, academics and sisterhood or brotherhood events.


Now, this higher standard is hard to live when fraternity brothers at other campuses are singing racial chants or exchanging inappropriate photos of women over social media. However, these highly negative instances just make those of us involved in Greek life at JCU all the more motivated to change the tide. These actions make it our duty to show the campus community the benefits of having a Greek system.


Lastly, when these unfortunate events happen because of Greek organizations, remember there are members out in the community working hard every day to create a positive view of our organizations on campus.