Perspectives from a student organization: Pep Band

February 26th, 2015

Hello, loyal reader. The astute among you may or may not have noticed that this article is not about sustainability. That’s right, I do things other than recycle and save the Earth. I also play trombone in the John Carroll University pep band.


The pep band is one of JCU’s best kept secrets. We play at all the home football and basketball games in support of whichever team is winning (so JCU). With a flip book of 74 driving 80’s rock tunes and crowd pleasing polkas, the audience is sure to groove to our sultry beat.


We are led into the arena by our fearless leader, Marty Hoehler, a man who receives far too little credit. He welcomes all musicians at all skill levels into the band, with a band polo and a pouch of Capri-Sun.


When Marty, a JCU graduate of the class of ‘99, wants to take a break from us band geeks, he goes home to Bri, his wife and fellow JCU alum, as well as their four kids.


Now, you’re probably sitting there thinking, “Hey, I played trumpet in middle school, but put it down one day and never picked it up again.” Marty and the JCU pep band can help you mend that hole in your soul, giving you a reason to pick up that horn again and become the trumpet god you were meant to be.


Everyone should come to the next home basketball game, not only to listen to the band, but to also watch our Blue Streaks score some field goals, safeties or whatever they do. Games are free for JCU students, and you can watch from the Carroll Crazies fan section. They’re not as fun as the pep band, but they’re the next best thing.


This is especially apropos now as both JCU basketball teams are poised to go far in the Ohio Athletic Conference Tournament. Under inspiration brought by the pep band and the fan’s cheers, hopefully the Blue Streaks will go on to win an OAC title or two.


Another important bit of band news is that this week marks the beginning of the crowdsourced fundraising event. JCU has chosen the pep band as one of the six organizations to be part of their Experience Projects to gain money and support through crowdfunding. Focusing on our annual trip to Salem, Virginia, the school has set up a page for donations to reach a goal of $3,000 for the trip this year and in the future.


I hope to see you at the games, JCU.


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