Ohio City welcomes sixth annual Brite Winter festival

February 19th, 2015

In a season where the bitter cold deters people from partaking in outdoor activities, the Ohio City Brite Winter festival invites Clevelanders to celebrate the arctic chill. The outdoor festivities take place this Saturday, Feb. 21, from 4-11 p.m. in Ohio City’s Market District.


In the sixth year of this annual winter event, Clevelanders are invited to attend a multitude of musical performances and see a variety of local artists. The festival is intended to be free, or at a minimal cost, since it is funded by a Kickstarter campaign and several local businesses, ranging from Great Lakes Brewing Company to the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.


According to, the mission of the festival is “to embrace the Cleveland winter by celebrating with light, fire, art, music, games and snow.” The ultimate vision for the festival is to provide “an event where anyone can experience winter through traditional and innovative activities.”

Brite Winter Festival 2013

The musical events include artists such as Modern Electric, a cinematic pop band, Cleveland’s Welshly Arms, a combination of blues with rhythm and soul & rock ‘n’  roll and Alexandra Huntingdon, who will perform original Cleveland-inspired music. In all, there are expected to be about 60 bands playing at the seven hour event.


Art events include Re-Wind, which creates a funky garden of sustainable seating, and Project Boreas, which lets the user bend the weather to his or her will.


The Cleveland Museum of Art, Great Lakes Science Center, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland and many more are all local community partners that will be providing additional activities.


“I heard about it over winter break,” said senior Anna Montesano. “I was reading an article that senior Alex Melchiorre posted on Facebook about 365 things to do in Cleveland this year, and that was one of them.”


Montesano plans on attending the festival this Saturday with her boyfriend. “I think it would be a fun date and it’s something that you don’t get to do everyday,” she said. “It’s a festival, so that means that there is a lot of things to do there, so it is not your typical boring dinner and movie.”


According to, Justin Markert, program director for the festival, said, “Cleveland has a very vast and very rich music scene. And sometimes because of that, these different music circles don’t cross over. Programming Brite was an opportunity to take some of the best of each of these circles and put them together and hopefully create a larger circle.”


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