Actors from ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’ talk about the making of the sequel

February 19th, 2015


The Carroll News participated in a conference call interview with actors Clark Duke, Adam Scott, Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry from “Hot Tub Time Machine 2.”


The sequel picks up where the first film left off. When Lou (Rob Corddry) becomes the “Father of the Internet,” he is unexpectedly shot. Jacob (Clark Duke) and Nick (Craig Robinson) use the time machine to travel back in time to save their friend, but accidentally send themselves 10 years into the future.


The Carroll News: My question is particularly for Adam Scott. You play Adam Yates, Jr. in the sequel and John Cusack played the original Adam Yates in the first movie. Are there any similarities or differences between the two characters? Did you incorporate anything from Cusack’s character into yours?


Adam Scott: I think that Cusack’s character in the first movie has a thirst for knowledge and I think my character [Adam, Jr.] wants to find his dad whom he’s never actually met. I think they both have a similar sense of adventure and similar eyebrows.


Q: My question is for Craig Robertson. Are you we going to get you hear you sing in “Hot Tub Time Machine 2?”


Craig Robertson: Yes, yes, you’re going to get to hear me. There are several things that we paid homage to from the original movie and that’s one of them.


Q: How was the attitude on set different this time around, considering it was your second go with the characters from the original movie?


Rob Corddry: There was no difference. The set was the exact same, which was really comforting and fun and made it an easy work environment. The only difference was we were in New Orleans.


Q: If you could have used another household appliance in place of the hot tub as a time machine, what would it be?


RC: Dishwasher time machine.


Clark Duke: I would say an espresso time machine.


AS: A combo of washing and dryer time machine a good one.


CR: Refrigerator all day. You could actually fit in it; you can’t fit in the dishwasher.


Q: If you had a time machine, which time period would you want to go to?


RC: I’d want to go to the Renaissance because of the clothing and the death penalty was kind of flagrantly yet casually thrown around. I feel like there’s a real freedom, it’s liberating.


AS: I’d go back to any point in time that dueling was allowed, so yes, the Renaissance era, definitely.


CD: I would go back and be on “Soul Train.”


CR: I don’t want to go anywhere; I feel too comfortable here.


AS: Yeah, we live in the moment, man. Ever hear the word “now?” That’s where we live.


Q: How much freedom was there on the set in regards to improv and rifting?


CD: Steve Pink allows us to play around, and he encourages it, everybody is pitching jokes to each other. So in the first “Hot Tub…,” there was barely a script; we kind of improvised it. There was a script, but we really did a lot of heavy improv. This movie was a little more solid, except we got to play around a lot.


CR: Neither film had a written ending, no joke.


AS: That’s the way to do it. All the great films have no ending.


“Hot Tub Time Machine 2” comes to theaters Friday, Feb. 20, 2015.