This week in sustainability: Reuse The Carroll News

February 12th, 2015



Hello there, loyal reader. If you’re like me (and I can tell you are because it’s a proven fact cool people read my column), you just want to know what more you can do for the environment.


You read my article way back in October 2014 about on-campus recycling and were inspired. Since then, you have never let a piece of paper, plastic or glass find its way into a trash bin without a fight. You yelled at your best friend because she put a water bottle in the trash, and you broke up with your boyfriend when you saw him just throw out a pizza box. Great. But now I want you to take it to the next level – the meta level.


Have you heard the adage “reduce, reuse, recycle”? Recycling is fine – but reusing is better. So, here are some great ways to reuse your Carroll News (but finish reading it first).


You can potty train a puppy with newspaper. Not the most practical, I know. Residence Life won’t let us have puppies. Why, Residence Life? Why are you so heartless?


Anyways, you can use a copy of The Carroll News to wipe up a spill. This reduces waste from using paper towels (which aren’t in some dorm bathrooms. Again, Residence Life – why?) or using your shirt.


Use it to pack up gifts. Then use more of it to wrap the gifts. If you’re like me, and have a weekly column in the paper, you can use that instead of a card, saving time and effort. (Warning: That does come across as stuck-up.)


Here’s a fun one: Wrapping those under-ripe caf bananas in The Carroll News will make them ripen faster. It traps the ethylene gas produced by ripening fruit close to the fruit, speeding the ripening process.


Make paper maché. There are some super cool (and super complicated) paper maché recipes on the Internet, but I use a simplified recipe. I soak little strips of The Carroll News in a mixture of warm water, flour and white glue. Sometimes if I feel really creative, I throw some paint in, too. This makes some cool crafts (I made a piñata in Spanish club) and a huge mess, which you can clean up with more newspaper.


Just make sure you read it first.


Stay classy and stay green, JCU.