SUPB’s Snowflake Swirl Dance deemed a success

February 12th, 2015


John Carroll University’s SUPB hosted its annual Snowflake Swirl dance on Friday, Feb. 6 for approximately 200 JCU students.


The LSC Conference Room was decorated by SUPB’s staff — tables lined the outside edges of the room, and each table had light blue tablecloths with tiny white lanterns holding tea lights.


Each wall was adorned with dancing blue lights, complete with a photo booth in one corner of the room. Students could choose different accessories, from a Viking’s hat to oversized glasses, to take into the photo booth.


JCU Catering provided dips, ranging from spinach artichoke to spicy buffalo, paired with everyone’s favorite crispy pita chips. For dessert, students could dip marshmallows, strawberries and pretzels into a chocolate fondue. Drinks included a non-alcoholic champagne punch in plastic champagne flutes, which seemed to disappear quite quickly.


For students who attended last winter’s dance, they may have noticed the change in location from the Muldoon Atrium in the Dolan Center for Science and Technology to the LSC Conference Room.


Sophomore Shannon Poppe, major events coordinator for SUPB, said, “The dance was moved from Dolan due to a scheduling conflict, but I think the space was transformed beautifully.”


When asked about her feelings on the different location, sophomore Haley Kocisko said, “I liked it being in the LSC because it was a different atmosphere than in Dolan. The carpet was better for dancing barefoot, and because it was a smaller space, the colored lights made it feel a little like a club.”


Sophomore Francesca Mastrangelo, who also attended last year’s Snowflake Swirl, had a similar opinion on the change in location. “I liked the carpeting because it was comfier on my feet and not slippery.”


Sophomore Steven Schmitz, one of SUPB’s self-proclaimed biggest fans, said, “Although I am biased towards the LSC due to the fact that I led a conga line, the Dolan atrium has always been a classic fancy spot to hold dances. However, the LSC was held in a spot where a person did not have to tread through the rough winter cold of Cleveland, Ohio, like Luke Skywalker on the planet Hoth.”


The location, despite being different this year, did not seem to hinder anyone’s dancing on Friday night. This is also thanks to the disk jockeys at RTR Entertainment, who played a mix of current hits, line dances and throwbacks.


An SUPB event is not complete without some free gifts. Near the end of the night, SUPB raffled off a few prizes. Prizes included a snack basket and movie basket for the door raffles.


“I thought the dance was entertaining and a great way to spend my Friday night,” said freshman Rachel Osheka. “The DJ had excellent song selections and the food was tasty. At the end of the night, I was so glad I went.”


“A dance is only as fun as you and your friends make it, and I happened to have some great friends who help me always have a good time,” said Schmitz. “It might have been in the LSC, but the SUPB 2015 Snowflake Swirl was my most favorite dance yet.”