Show Suh some love

February 12th, 2015

Fast Break

This week, on, SportsNation had one of its daily polls for fans to respond to. The question: “Which of the following players is most deserving of a big-money contract?”


The options given were Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys, Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks and Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions.


Wilson ran away with the victory at 34 percent with Bryant and Lynch receiving 23 percent and 21 percent ,respectively.


Murray and Suh sat at the bottom of the list, receiving 13 percent and 9 percent.


Personally, I voted for Suh, which I’m sure makes me seem like a homer. But, I don’t think I’m being crazy here.


After casting my vote and seeing Suh receive so few, I actually got upset.


Do people really believe Suh isn’t as valuable to a team as somebody like Murray or Bryant?


I think he’s one of the most valuable players in the entire league, and the second best defensive player, behind only J.J Watt.


Over the past five years, I’ve had the pleasure to watch Suh play for my hometown Lions. Nobody has made a bigger impact while he’s been on the field than the defensive lineman out of Nebraska.


Not Calvin Johnson, not Matthew Stafford. But, Suh is the most important player on the Lions.


I know most fans of other teams don’t like Suh because he’s a “dirty player.” He’s been fined countless times and suspended for stepping on a Green Bay Packers offensive lineman on Thanksgiving Day. But, if that’s what keeping people from realizing the special type of talent he is, then you’re missing out.


He’s a free agent this year, and I’m scared out of my mind that the Lions are going to lose him.


He commands a double-team every single play and still dominates the line of scrimmage. He makes the job of every other defender easier, and it’s shown with my Lions, as second-year defensive end Ziggy Ansah made a huge sophomore jump and our shaky secondary looks formidable because of the pass rush Suh provides.


So, when I see polls like this, and I see the praise Watt gets for carrying the Houston Texans, I do take it personally.


Suh deserves more praise than he gets.


He deserves to be the second highest paid defensive player in the league.


If you don’t agree with me, just wait ‘til next year. Because, if he leaves the Lions, I guarantee we don’t make the playoffs again.