Winter woes

February 5th, 2015

This past Sunday, Northeast Ohio experienced a massive blizzard that cancelled classes at John Carroll University. Snow plow trucks successfully cleared the main roads surrounding JCU. However, the parking lots on the University’s campus were still completely covered in snow when classes resumed on Tuesday. This led to a parking nightmare and a safety hazard for both drivers and pedestrians.

Some drivers’ decisions to park erratically and outside of lined parking spots leave too little room for others. It is highly inconsiderate, inefficient and unsafe to monopolize an unnecessary amount of space. Parking properly deserves all drivers’ utmost attention and care. Hundreds of JCU faculty, staff and students need to park on campus and drivers should adjust accordingly.

With two more months of winter, members of the JCU community need to keep their safety and others’ in mind when navigating around campus. This needs to be a collective effort. By planning ahead and being considerate of others, these efforts will save a great deal of frustration and unnecessary accidents.