Super Bowl madness

February 5th, 2015


Now that the Super Bowl is finally over, I’m pretty sad. It’s hard not to be. Football is over until August. That’s pretty depressing.


But, there’s still a lot to be happy about. That was arguably the best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen.


We had two teams fighting to become dynasties. We had controversy. We had last minute heroics. We had some amazing commercials. And most importantly, we had some awesome sharks steal the show at halftime.


First things first, the game was incredible. Going into the game, I told myself that I wanted the Patriots to win because, as a fan, I feel the need to take a side. But for pretty much the entire game, I rooted for whoever was losing – which made it even more exciting.


That last drive by the Seahawks was one of the most exciting drives in Super Bowl history. In my lifetime, the only drives that mirror that are the drives involving the David Tyree miracle catch and the Steelers’ game-winning touchdown drive against the Arizona Cardinals.


The final play was as crazy as I’ve ever seen. From the actual playcall, to what transpired on the field, it was straight insanity. But it was amazing to watch and was something nobody expected – which is what made it so incredible.


Just in terms of what happened on the field, I think it would be hard to beat what we watched on Sunday.


In terms of the rest of the Super Bowl, I was fairly pleased.


The commercials weren’t the best they’ve ever been. But, there were some memorable ones.


My personal favorite was Squarespace’s commercial with Jeff Bridges. It turns out is an actual website where you can download a whole album of Jeff Bridges humming and singing short tunes. It was so strange and out there, but it was memorable, and that’s exactly what you want in a Super Bowl commercial. I thought it was genius.


But, without a doubt, the best part of the Super Bowl was the sharks dancing with Katy Perry at halftime.


The moment I saw those sharks, I lost it. I don’t even know why myself, or seemingly everybody on the internet, loves them. But, they were amazing.


There have been countless memes made. There have been T-shirts made. There have been articles written. All of them about these sharks.


It’s been three days, and I find myself still looking at Twitter and laughing every time I see them.


But the bottom line is this Super Bowl had everything you want.


Was it the best ever? I don’t know. But, it’s certainly hard to argue against it.