Perspectives from an editor: What is it like to use HealthSpot?

February 5th, 2015



On Wednesday, Jan. 28, I met with Kevin Darnell, an account executive from HealthSpot, and Jan Krevh, director of the Student Health and Wellness Center, for a demo of the new station. The process was painless, and familiar to anyone who grew up surrounded by technology.


The touchscreen registration was easy to use, and I was assured by Krevh that my information would be secure. (They installed a separate cable during the renovation for this reason).


I stepped into the hub, where Krevh assisted me with taking my basic vitals.


From there, Todd Harris, a physician assistant from Cleveland Clinic’s Beachwood campus, appeared almost lifelike on the vertical screen in front of me. I was impressed by the direct eye contact he maintained throughout the appointment.

Harris was able to control the doors in front of each medical device. When he said, “let’s listen to your heart,” the door in front of me popped open, and I was able to reach for the stethoscope and press it to my chest.


One advantage of the HealthSpot was that I was able to actually see inside both my ears and throat – something I’ve never done before. These images were depicted on the same screen as Harris.


After my appointment, Krevh immediately sanitized the station, and said they have the capability to kill 99 percent of bacteria within the hub.


Although I wouldn’t use HealthSpot as a total replacement for seeing a doctor in person, I would consider it a viable first option if I was unable to leave campus and a physician wasn’t immediately available.