Perry’s halftime performance didn’t make me roar

February 5th, 2015

Overall feeling about Katy Perry’s performance for the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show: It wasn’t fabulous, but it wasn’t atrocious.

Having high expectations for her performance, I didn’t think Perry really “wowed” audiences. I was expecting a pretty wild, extravagant Katy Perry show that would leave me saying, “Can we watch that again?” Instead, the words that came out of my mouth instead were, “Well, that wasn’t what I had expected.”

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t really jumping out of my seat during Perry’s theatrical and colorful collaboration of her hit singles. Granted, I get she was trying to make the halftime show seem like quite the party, but personally, I wasn’t feeling it.

Compared to recent former halftime performances by Bruno Mars and Beyoncé, I don’t think Perry lived up to what past performers have brought to the table. Let’s be honest, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé’s halftime shows totally trumped Perry’s attempts to do the same.

A couple aspects of Perry’s performance left me with an unsatisfied question mark.

One, Perry’s outfits were a bit of a letdown. I was expecting her to go all out with her wardrobe choices, but rather, I think they were a bit tacky and mediocre. The “Roar” outfit, enveloped by flames of reds, oranges and yellows, looked more like an arts and crafts costume while the oversized black zip-up sweatshirt she wore later on in the show was nothing spectacular.

Second, the dancing, smiling beach balls during “California Girls” freaked me out a little. But you have to admit, the dancing baby blue sharks were hilariously adorable.

Third, I wish Perry had chosen different special guest performers to join her onstage. Rather than the guests meshing well with Perry’s vibe, it felt as if they were trying too hard to be incorporated into the performance.

Lastly, it seemed like Missy Elliot was given way more camera time than Lenny Kravitz. I’m not sure why that was.

I won’t end this on a sour note, though.

I thought the giant animatronic/puppet cat that Perry rode in on to make her grand entrance was pretty intense. This innovative opening definitely grabbed the viewers’ attention right from the start.

Perry literally made herself fly as she attached herself to a shooting star and soared high above the field, yet I couldn’t get the image of Tinker Bell out of my head. But I’m not going to lie – her high flying trick was one of the best parts of her performance.

So let’s get to the positive aspects of Perry’s halftime concert.

Her rendition of “Firework” was probably the best way to end the performance. Perry took her time to fully commit to the song, singing powerfully and fully embracing her blinged-out gown – the best outfit choice of the show. And, the awesome fireworks display was a total “wow” factor.

My absolute favorite aspect overall was the choreography. Kudos to whoever envisioned those dance moves, because the background ensemble was absolutely captivating and really sold the performance.

Particularly, the dancing chess pieces were creepily fascinating in their metallic unitards, adding a very artistic vision to the popular song, “Dark Horse.” All I can say, pure genius.

I give Perry an ‘A’ for effort on her performance. I think she managed to wedge herself in between two opposite performance approaches; going completely all out and crazy or keeping things simple and classic. I give Perry a 50/50 overall.

And let me add, Idina Menzel singing the National Anthem left me with goose bumps. Honestly, I think she was the real show-stopper. Just saying.