James creates game show with NBC

February 5th, 2015


Have you ever dreamt of meeting your basketball idol and making money at the same time? You might be in luck.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James and Springhill Productions, led by James’ business partner, Maverick Carter, are currently in the pilot stage of creating a game show that is set to air on NBC.

The game show requires no athletic skills. Teams of two will compete against each other for the chance to win a large cash prize.

According to, the exact amount of the prize has not been confirmed. However, sources say the prime-time game show will have the “highest nightly stakes of any game show.”

Cleveland and Akron, James’ hometown, will be the first two cities to be featured on the game show. After these first two stops, nominations for contestants will be open to the public nationwide.

LeBron James

NBC Network said the game show has no title yet, and the air date is still being discussed. Andrew Glassman, developer of NBC’s “Average Joe” and “Three Wishes,” will work on the project as the executive producer.

The project was launched last summer, but won’t immediately debut on TV.

Springhill Productions is also currently working on “Survivor’s Remorse” on Starz and “Becoming” on Disney XD, in addition to developing a movie script with Kevin Hart.

According to ESPN NBA, James said the show “gives people an opportunity to live out a dream, and to make more money than they ever thought they could make in their lives.”

James continued, saying,  “It’s a life-changing experience if they get an opportunity to be selected, and I thought starting here [Ohio], with the people that I love here, means a lot to them. And me being a part of the game show is just all part of my team doing things that’s outside the box but also that’s fun for families and people that any ages can gravitate to.”

Freshman Mark Keppler commented, “I would love to watch this show. It would be a dream of mine to be on the show, just so I could meet LeBron James.”

Junior Claire Ba added, “I am not that much of a basketball or LeBron fan to want to participate in the show. I might watch it occasionally, but nothing more.”

“I am not a big basketball fan,” added sophomore Patrick Bucyana. “I personally believe that shows featuring stars are merely a marketing move to simply boost their popularity. I wouldn’t want to be in the show if all I am going to do is be used to increase his popularity.”

Senior Lark Moore said, “I think it is cool that LeBron will have his own show. However, it can be problematic because, one, he has a lot of money already. So, I don’t see the point of it. Two, I wonder what kind of people will watch it. I would watch it to see how it does. And, if the content is interesting, I might make it a regular show to watch every week.”

If you see yourself, your friend, family member or anybody else as a prospective contestant for the show, nominations can be submitted to


Editor’s Note: Information from, ESPN NBA and The Hollywood Reporter was used in this article.