Everyday Beauty

February 5th, 2015


As much as I enjoy my job at The Carroll News, being the World News Editor does come with its drawbacks. The most prevalent of these is that it can be highly depressing at times.


On a weekly basis, it is my responsibility to determine which articles will be printed in this section. That means I spend a few hours through the course of each week examining the news, which, sadly, is generally not very positive. It’s an unfortunate truth that the most pressing events in the world are surrounded by tragedy. Whether the stories pertain to the executions of hostages held by the Islamic State group, articles about countries ravaged by disease or the omnipresent disharmony in our national government, it can sometimes be hard to see the world as a good place.


Last week, I was fortunate enough to witness something that shed a ray of light on my view of the world.


After leaving my last class of the day, I was walking back to my house while thinking about the various assignments I needed to accomplish. During my trek on the snow-covered sidewalks, I noticed an elderly couple taking their dog on a leisurely walk. They were walking arm in arm, having a quiet conversation only they could hear.


For those of you who have never walked down Warrensville Center Road in January, it can be challenging to walk around other people due to the miniature mountains of snow that are on both sides of the sidewalks. Not wanting to disrupt the couple’s outing, I decided there was no need to rush and slowed to a metaphorical snail’s pace.


Eventually, the couple realized I was behind them and apologized for holding me up. I told them it was not a problem and asked that they enjoy the rest of their walk. I continued my short journey, glancing back only once to see that they had resumed their conversation and were smiling and laughing about whatever it was they were talking about.


Now, I hope you aren’t thinking, “Goodness, why is this person writing a column about a random, meaningless encounter on her walk home?” However, if this is what you truly are thinking, let me offer you an explanation.


Despite spending a considerable amount of time immersed in tragic news, at the end of the day, I still believe that the world is a relatively good place. We are surrounded by people who are generally genuinely kindhearted. There is an infinite amount of love and compassion in this world, fostered not only in people who actively try to change the world for the better. In the past few weeks, several news outlets have featured articles and broadcasts about Mason Wartman, a former Wall Street equity researcher who left his job to open a pizza shop in Philadelphia with the savings he had accumulated. His restaurant, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, allows customers to “pay it forward” by purchasing a $1 slice of pizza for those in need.


Not only is this compassion fostered in people like Wartman, but also in people such as the couple who spent an average Wednesday afternoon walking arm in arm, engrossed in a quiet conversation, laughing to themselves.


In all, as you stress out about the copious amount of homework you may have, the over-demanding boss who expects too much of you, or the disrespectful roommate you can’t wait to move away from, I ask that you go out and truly experience the world.


Find beauty in everyday occurrences. The world is a good place; sometimes you just have to open your eyes to it.